Trump may attend Russia Victory Day in May with Putin at Kremlin in Moscow

True, but you can’t separate the Communist Party from the May Day parades and celebrations - which is basically what the Victory Parade has replaced. And like I said, one is likely to be labeled a socialist or commie if there is even a whiff of leanings that way - yet the President is considering attending a giant military dick swinging parade that glorifies Russian might. But he’s not a commie, no sir, er ma’am!

Commies aside, it is still a rather unthinkable possibility to attend this show of strength as the President of the United States. I don’t think any other president would have considered attending.


Man, if you had a nickel for every time that preface has been applicable the last three years.


“I’ll show that Nancy Pelosi and her all roads lead to Putin garbage. . . I’ll go to Putin-- in your face Nancy Pelosi!”


with any luck, while he’s there he’ll defect, and ask Putin for sanctuary. Russia can have him.


I’d argue that Putin has already disconnected the two and re-imagined the celebration as one of Russian nationalism. He’s attempting to shift the narrative on all things Soviet and make it a much more Russian nationalist narrative.

That right there is more right wing authoritarian, which is what Putin is, than communist.

We’re agreed there. You won’t hear one complaint from the GOP, though. They like the new Russia much better than Soviet Russia. Strong men with guns make them swoon, especially when they know he has a body count.


I just assumed the Russian Victory Day had been moved to the first Tuesday in November.


I was thinking the same. What if this is an elegant (realtively speaking) way to jump ship before shit finally hits the fan?
I´d bet my mustache that there is an Aeroflot plane on standby for him at Ronald-Reagan anyway.

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If you go to Moscow, Donnie, you might as well stay.

It’s a long-standing European tradition to feature defeated foreign leaders as objects of derision for big national parades.


ehhhh, technically fact that the nazis had so much resource tied up fighting russia is the biggest reason the allies won. So, ACKSHUALLY, yes, they did help us at Normandy.

(pedantic literalist shows himself out)

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yeah, if he’s truly playing by the mafioso playbook, he’s gotta be planning some escape route.


That was my ironic point! All them dead Rooshians on the eastern front really helped when the western front opened. I work on many levels lol.

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When an “invitation” is a “direct order”. Per the usual, it’s another agent-controller sit-down.


Annual Review Time


I’m not sure Russia wants him in any capacity other than as the ruler of the US. If he tries defecting, what purpose would he serve? He’s not even fun to listen to. He has no value anymore apart from a tool to destabilize our country from the top. Once he can no longer do that, he’s worthless.

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The day a former US President defects to Russia is the day Vladimir Putin can retroactively declare that the Soviet Union won the Cold War.

⊥rump would spend the rest of his miserable life rage-tweeting, exhorting his know-nothing disciples to engage in literal acts of insurgency.

And some of them would follow through.


A good sub is always there for his Dom.
Will D2S be getting Hero of the Russian Federation or just a promotion to Cloaca Licker Third Class?

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Eh. I feel like that victory would need an asterisk. If he’s been working for Putin the whole time, would Trump defecting really be a win? The win was getting him elected and him staying in charge for at least one term.


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