Surprise! Trump invites Putin to White House for another meeting, didn't tell intel chief

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I think the plan is probably to build a blanket fort and stay up really late, drinking soda pop, eating twinkies, and watching Fox News. When they get up the next day, they’ll do each other’s nails, then go out to play in the giant pile of leaves that’s been raked up on the South Lawn by an army of undocumented children. Finally, when at last it’s time for Vladimir to go home, Donald will give him a gift-wrapped briefcase containing the nuclear codes and head back to the residence for a nice nap.


Look, it’s all ok. He simply needs to get Putin to US so he can film him with hired ladies / golden showers, inside the White House, just to even things up. It’ll all be fine.

(And how competent are the US intel / security agencies, that they do not know what went on in that room with Putin. Didn’t Trumpty-Dumpty take his phone in with him?)


The security agencies might not know, but I’m willing to bet that there’s a 400 pound hacker sitting on his bed that does.


Is this meeting scheduled before or after November 6?


In all seriousness I’m kind of hoping for a late October visit since the optics would probably give a great boost to Democratic candidates.


is anyone around here old enough to remember Reagan and how bizarre, downright mental, he was in his final years in office, turning out he was mentally ill and basically EVERYONE was protecting him from the public and just letting him do his thing despite the damage he was doing to the country? kinda feels a bit like that these days

even the white house doctors covered it up, just like they lied about trump’s obesity, imagine what else they are covering for him about his mental status

look at how ODD Trump looks in less formal interviews like on Fox where he feels safer that people will cover for him

But during his second term, Reagan did show worrisome signs of diminished mental capacity, according to Lesley Stahl. In the book she published in 2000, Reporting Live, Stahl recounts a disturbing encounter she had with Reagan in the summer of 1986.

In her book, Stahl noted that she “had come that close to reporting that Reagan was senile. I had every intention of telling the American people what I had observed in the Oval Office.”

People treated him with very special care. You had to explain things in elemental terms, but because he was so likable, everyone had so mush personal regard for him—everyone protected him…He was intellectually vacant, but I never felt the country was in any danger.


Well, I’ll certainly applaud anything that works to prevent Trump’s seemingly inevitable re-election, but all this Russia stuff seems like Benghazi all over again. I’ve tried it out on rank and file Trumpers, and it really doesn’t seem to have any effect on their opinions, and certainly not on anyone’s voting plans.

I have had some success with pointing up his mob connections and willingness to stiff American workers, though. That usually gets people thinking.


Stalin and Hitler

Putin and Trump

Russia wins.



Rise, tardigrades! Rise! I will serve you!





Except of course that the years-long Benghazi investigation basically turned up nothing against Clinton or her staff while the Russia investigation has already resulted in a number of indictments and plea deals, with new revelations turning up all the time.


Hoping for the first ever televised occurrence of human spontaneous combustion.


Personally, I’m still waiting for convictions and prison sentences that stick, but you are correct; the comparison isn’t equivalent.


A guilty plea is functionally equivalent to a conviction, but I agree that we need to see a lot more convictions and a lot more people sentenced to serious time in prison.


After seeing how some judges like Aaron Persky have ruled in the past, I have to continue to be wary.

White privilege is a helluva social construct…


trump is going to be so distraught when they eventually tell him someone else has already pal-ed around with putin in the whitehouse

Oh totally, I’m just saying that from a legal perspective Papadopolous, Flynn and van der Zwaan are every bit as much “convicts” as they would be had they been found guilty by a jury of their peers.


They won’t tell him. Otherwise he’ll try extra hard to impress Putin by handing over the nuclear football as “the best, most elegant souvenir of your visit. Bush didn’t give you that, believe me!”


Right, this is exactly what I am talking about, see.

If you swap the words around, this is exactly what you’ll read on right wing sites and hear from Trump supporters. They say that the Mueller investigation has produced nothing but unsourced, unproven claims by biased agencies well proven to be liars and known to be expert at fabricating false evidence, and that the investigation of Benghazi revealed all sorts of smoking guns that everyone can see should have resulted in convictions.

Regardless of whether it’s true or not, people’s perceptions tend to align with their self interest (or party colors, sadly); you’ll hear and believe what you want to believe, and they’ll hear and believe what they want to believe.

And what convinces you does. not. matter. because you are already going to vote against Trump. You are already convinced.

In the end it doesn’t matter whether you are right or they are right or everyone is wrong. What matters is how they vote - does Trump get re-elected, or not? Does some Reagan Democrat get elected again, or an actual liberal progressive? It’s the votes that matter, not self-congratulatory finger pointing and anti-Russian fear-mongering.

Ah, geeze, sorry, I got off on a rant there again. I do sincerely hope that I am wrong and that something useful will come of all this.


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Vote D for Democrat, R for Russia