Trump must turn over his taxes according to federal appeals court ruling today

From your lips to Jebus’ ears, brother. I just don’t know with any certainty, any more.


Trump’s squad is like Fight Club and he’s Tyler Durden. Everywhere he goes, there are people protecting him. He says jump but they are already in the air. Some judge says hand over the returns, then the next court blocks it, like a maddening game of chess. He will just keep maneuvering.

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The IRS did for Al Capone, when nothing else could. They would seem to be the right tool for the job.


Worse than that, because he gets caught ALL THE TIME. Getting caught just means hiring more lawyers. If one of his associates gets convicted, that just means the court was unjust. And now he has the pardon power.


After all, one of Trump’s henchmen, er, lawyers, William Consovoy, “argued that local law-enforcement authorities could not investigate Trump even if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue.”

Well, now he’ll have to shoot someone on South Ocean Boulevard because he ho longer lives in New York.


Yes, because the IRS - who has had his taxes from the start, and could have done anything to them during the Summer of 2016 - can now find something they can crow about.

Unless… perhaps they haven’t already because there is no there there.

Bless your heart.


Trust but verify.


I love it when a first time poster jumps on here to defend il Douche. You’re wasting your time, comrade. You’ll get dogpiled. Then you’ll say something stupid. And then you’ll express your disappointment and then you’ll get banned. Seen it a thousand times.


Dude, you’re not supposed to just read out the playbook like that!
Now there won’t be any surprises.


The IRS has already been hobbled by GOP-led budget cuts to its investigation and enforcement branches over recent years. The department would probably do almost anything to avoid getting tangled up in a highly public partisan battle over their handling of Trump’s tax returns no matter how suspect his accounting looks.


I could read the playbook aloud on Fifth Avenue and Trumpholes would still come on here and do it. I could take out a prime time ad on Fox News and they’d STILL crawl out from under their rocks and do their thing here. They are nothing if not utterly predictable. Not to mention brain dead.

You clearly must be referencing the many, many, many civil lawsuits. I meant criminal. Like, not a pay out or settlement with NDA but, you know, jail time.

Fun fact: The IRS will let you report millions in income, claimed for illegal activities. You can literally say, “I got this from cocaine smuggling ring”. They do not care, as their job is to make sure you pay taxes on your gains based on the law. Of course you do not have to specify what illegal activity it was. Again, as long as you pay tax on it fairly, it is not their job.

There could absolutely be a there that the IRS has not made hay over.

But then again. Maybe they did already make hay about it. Recall, an ongoing audit was claimed as the reason why Trump did not release the tax returns in the first place.

Tl;dr, you are misguided in this claim.


He loves getting caught, so long as nothing happens (or he can ignore the consequence). It’s probably one of his most favorite things in the world.


Apparently, so long as you pay the taxes, you can list the source as being under the fifth amendment.

What would be hilarious would be a fuck-up on property taxes. I would laugh myself sick if Doral or Mar-a-Lago ended up seized and auctioned off at pennies on the dollar. Given the way he’s treated NY, his accountants better check really carefully on anything owned there.


Given the way he runs his administration and businesses, he may well hire accounts that are more loyal than competent. I actually wouldn’t rule your scenario out at this point.


The IRS accepts tax forms; it only audits them or makes legal action when it chooses to do so, and it has publicly stated not have the resources to go after wealthy tax cheats.

HOWEVER, a third party – a court, congress, etc – could a) use those returns to demonstrate if Trump is, in fact, a billionaire, b) determine Trump’s lenders, esp., foreign lenders, who would not be legally suspect (even if they should be) but could move the court of public opinion and c) demonstrate Trump to be as much of a weaselly, slippery swamp creature as the ‘elites’ he claims to despise. Again, the point is not to have the IRS expose illegal activity; rather, by asking for Mr. Trump’s taxes, we can answer the question of where the president of this country’s loyalties lie and why he must lie about everything. The fact you can be President without releasing your taxes is something to fix another day, but, hells, yes, if you want the key to the nukes, I want to see your taxes.

In related news: If you think there’s no there there in regards to Mr. Trump’s criminality, see a good doctor. Because the man is corruption incarnate, and to defend him suggests you have a slippery grasp on facts a doctor could help with. .


Has anyone tried appealing to his desire to be better than everyone at everything?

“I heard your tax returns aren’t even worth seeing. Barely any decimal places. Not even a tenth as impressive as Jeff Bezos’ returns. Sad really.”


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