Trump Phones Taiwan


Seriously. He just called the president of Taiwan because he like wants to put a hotel there or something. In other news Colossal Bull enters China Shop.
Trump is first President to call Taiwan since 1979




I’m sure he’s blissfully oblivious to the massive diplomatic faux pas committed, and compounded by fucking tweeting about it.


Jeet Heer has just written a long twitter thread about this, and whether this is an intentional shift:


She called him, he claims. I guess it matters. I mean,it’s better than him calling her to congratulate himself.


I’ve been watching Trump since the 70s and one of the first mistakes that anybody that deals with him makes is assuming that he knows what he is doing, or that he is motivated by anything but enriching himself. I doubt very much he has any grasp of relations between china, taiwan, and the US. He just want to put a hotel there, and to him that is more important than any of that other shit.



In he on the payroll yet? Because when he is, he only has one job.


It would be just like him to arrange the call, have Taiwan call in, so he can Tweet they called me…



Dammit! This is seriously threatening my plan to hide out from the Trump administration here in China.


Interesting how this moron thinks he can be president, and then we have to explain everything to him.


It is interesting! Which is why we have hundreds if not thousands of highly educated people who have devoted their careers to studying those nuances.


The RWNJosphere’s reaction seems to trend towards “There’s a new sheriff in town! Yee-haw, show em who’s boss!”

Because antagonizing frickin CHINA is just like a high noon duel with bin Laden or Noriega.

You’d think a genius businessman would know who our biggest trading partner is, and who our biggest trade deficit is with, and who holds the largest amount of our debt.

hint: IT’S CHINA


Yeah, but the only reason we have all of that debt is because of NATO anyway, so it will disappear.


You have these occasional moments of crypto-lucidity. It’s disconcerting.


Has anyone created the X Days Since Trump Caused a Major Diplomatic Incident clock?

On second thought, might want it to measure in hours.


This is now the second time I’ve clicked on this thread thinking that it was about someone in Taiwan making novelty telephones. I think whatever neuron-killing illness that caused the US to vote for this guy is contageous.


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