Kim Jong Un is a 'madman with nuclear weapons,' Trump says in leaked call to Duterte of Philippines—whom he praises

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You almost entirely missed the point in the title.

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Reposted by popular demand. Unfortunately…


I’m actually impressed he didn’t say anything worse than that.


Takes one to know one, Donnie!

The pot calling the kettle black.

I think Trump asked Sessions to step up the drug war after this conversation. Who needs courts, trials, and lawyers when you can just shoot and murder anyone suspected of drug sales or use. That can’t sit well with the private prisons the fed runs in the US, can it?


Donald Trump is a ‘madman with nuclear weapons,’ Duterte says in leaked call to Kim Jong Un of North Korea —whom he praises


I came here to say “here he goes, projecting again”. The good denizens of the BBS have clearly beat me to the punch.

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So says Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds-Face.

The president of the United States called a foreign leader - who compares himself to Hitler - to praise him for murdering thousands of his own citizens in extra-judicial killings. (And hints at emulating his approach.) Let that sink in for a while. It’s almost literally every day that Trump does something that would normally be completely unacceptable for a US president to do. People are wondering if American democracy will survive the Trump presidency, but I fear that question was answered the moment Trump was elected.


Kim Jong Un is a ‘madman with nuclear weapons,’ Trump says in leaked call to Duterte of Philippines—whom he praises

“We’re all mad here”, said the Cheshire cat.

Madman with nuclear weapons labeled North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un a “madman with nuclear weapons.”

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IIRC there has only been one nation on Earth that has used nukes on their enemies…


I felt the same way about “Love Trumps Hate” -it works in pretty much all the permutations.

I liked how they included the purple cover sheet. It’s like a giant fuckyou to the classifiers.

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It just gets better.

But I guess since he can declassify anything he wants it’s ok.


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