Trump-Putin meeting at G20 is...back on? Says Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.


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I’ve never heard any meeting pre-announced by press conference described as “impromptu” before.


Theory: they will discuss a new Trump tower in Moscow with its Trump Elba penthouse.



Looks like Putin is ordering Trump to attend.


Theory No. 2: They will discuss a future trump tower in Putinstan formally called Ukraine before Russia’s 2018 Xmas Day invasion.


It was never off in the first place, this ass clown will do whatever Putin wants.


"# Clandestine transfer operated by humans:

#Brush pass and other physical exchange with couriers:

Under the general term “brush pass” is a wide range of techniques in which one clandestine operative passes a physical item to another operative.[15] “Brush” implies that the two people “brush” past one another, typically in a public place and preferably a crowd, where random people interfere with any visual surveillance. In a properly executed brush pass, the agents do not even stop walking; at most, they may appear to bump into one another.

During the brief contact, a common means of executing the exchange is for both to be carrying otherwise identical objects, such as a newspaper, briefcase, or magazine. The information being exchanged is in one of them. As the two people separate, they still appear to be holding the same object in the same hand."

The meeting is perfect cover for the handler (Putin) to manage the agent.


It’s hard to cancel a meeting with the boss. We’ve all been there, really.


How else is Trump going to get he performance review?


It doesn’t matter what show she’s on, The Waitress can’t get a break when it comes to dating.




What a humiliation for Trump.

This is why posturing is always a bad idea. If you don’t have the clout to cancel a meeting, then keep your head down and get along to go along.


You’re thinking of back when words meant things.


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