On Twitter, Trump cancels Putin G20 meeting, but Kremlin says they have not been notified of cancellation


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can’t he just ask for a raise like normal people!?


When has Il Douche ever given a shit about the geopolitical situation on the Crimean Peninsula? More likely, he’s starting to sweat…




So, on the one hand I’m appalled that President Porky continues to conduct his foreign policy via Twitter, on the other hand I’m relieved that he won’t be getting any fresh instructions from his handler this weekend, and on the gripping hand I’m hoping Putin will tire of his lapdog making messes on the carpet and send the Trumps some delicious Russian eggnog seasoned with Polonium.


So, their “private” meeting has been changed to a “clandestine” meeting.


Journalists should check if the Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires just had a last-minute request for adjoining suites.


Well, either the White House is too inept to inform Russia the meeting isn’t happening, or Trump is still going ahead with the meeting, but hopes that by saying on Twitter that it isn’t, people won’t notice when it still happens. Both are plausible because they’re things that happen with this administration.



He can’t be happy about the Deutsche Bank raid. DB is only one of two Western banks that would still lend him money after 2001 – the other being Wells Fargo, which should tell you a lot about DB.

And oh my, we might see those tax returns yet…


Breaking up via a tweet. That’s harsh.


Donny Two Burgers is ghosting Putin, yes he is…


Oh, what a surprise - our influence and power worldwide has evaporated…


I’d say 50/50 chance Trump never returns to US from G20 mtg, and hitches ride to Russia with Putin…


The Kremlin says they have not been notified

Wha…? Of course they have. Duh, he tweeted


The Kremlin HR department added more detail: “Even if Mr. Trump cancels this meeting, he is required to complete his performance review prior to the end of the calendar year.”


Folks need to remember when Michael Cohen was negotiating the deal with “Russia” for Trump, he was not negotiating like a regular business transaction. The plea agreement says he was negotiating with Kremlin OFFICIALS – not private businesspersons. This is no ordinary biz.

— Neal Katyal (@neal_katyal) November 29, 2018


The Westphalian diplomatic system was getting a little bit long in the tooth anyway. I don’t see any downside to replacing it with twitter hashtags.


Still better than a post-it note!