Trump says Boy Scout leader called him about his 'greatest speech.' Boy Scouts say there was no call


Baden-Powell would be so ashamed!


You don’t need to brainstorm more. My vote is for no. 3! This needs to be a poll!


I wonder if he is in such a habit of lying that he can’t really not do it. Maybe, he just doesn’t really think of it as lying. He seems to do it even about things that don’t matter.


Not quite… he will die alone in a splendid room, on a nice mattress, cursing the world for not recognizing his greatness…


I don’t think Trump has had to that kind of cost/benefit analysis in a very very long time. Once he became the guy with the money everone’s been telling him how great his ideas are and laughing at all his jokes.

Sort of like a private-sector Kim Jong-un.


Most of might expect to pay for lying with loss of jobs, loss of relationships, loss of friends or at least loss of stature.

Trump has paid for lying by becoming the President of the United States of America.

So the cost/benefit is a little skewed.


I’m pretty sure it was the Boy Scout King. Yeah, the Boy Scout King…




There you Dems go, currying favor with anyone and everyone and ignoring the people. /s


Maybe it was actually the head of NAMBLA that he talked to and he was just confused about the organization they were representing.


I vote for “Words come out of his mouth with no thought whatsoever.”



well now im just depressed


It’s pretty shocking how true-to-life it ends up being.




Yeah, that’s Trump. That and he uses words to elicit particular reactions from people as well, but that’s really the extent of his use of language. I feel like we need some new, non-standard cognitive model to explain Trump, and this model might actually help us understand consciousness (or lack thereof) in non-human species. I’m not even joking here…

And yeah, I don’t think Trump ever does any kind of cost/benefit analysis. But his constant need for approval, and the anger with which he responds to criticisms suggests some deep insecurities on his part. Of course, I’m falling into the trap of applying a standard human cognitive model to him here, so I’m probably wrong.



Trump is lying, knowing that it will just be someone else’s word against his.
Trump genuinely thinks the head of the boy scouts called him despite the fact that it didn’t happen.
Someone in the white house called him pretending to be the head of the scouts and placate him to prevent him from tweeting something nasty about the boy scouts after their apology for his remarks.
I bet I could brainstorm many others.

Given recent news, one has to wonder if the White House screens Trump’s calls any better than they screen e-mail. Is there a liberal YouTuber/ShockJock somewhere sitting on a tape of Trump talking to the “head” of the Boy Scouts?


Maybe Trump actually lives halfway between two parallel realities, a la the Mandela Effect, and he remembers the very factual series of events that happen in one reality in which his is actually well loved and celebrated by all, but when he goes to tell people about them, he’s already shifted back to our native reality.

… And the mystery/thriller movie depicting this story in the end will be revealed to have been made up by Trump to explain why he’s incapable of telling the truth even when presented with factual evidence of his lies. It’s bullshit all the way down.


We don’t need a new one. Psychopathy works for explaining his behavior pretty well. Just assuming he’s a psychopath with a lot of money and creeping dementia really helps to make sense of him.


Ok, as long as he dies. :slight_smile:


In a shower of gold