Trump: Singapore and DMZ possible sites for North Korea Summit with Kim Jong-Un

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Cut to the money-filled suitcases ready to be delivered to the NK regime upon successful conclusions of talks.


Wow he is trolling the State Department professional staff so hard with this.

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something I liked’ about the DMZ because 'you’re actually there.'



Why do you think he took his train to Beijing? Suitcases full of Yuan.


I wonder if this will be like that time a sales guy basically had a new account done dealed, and then the boss wanted to meet with them and the next day they decided to go another way?

But seriously, Trump or no Trump, I hope these some to an actual positive result. I am even willing to let his supporters crow on if it means a better life for North Koreans.

Putting on my “big picture hat”, since China agreed to the UN sanctions, they hit NK hardest. 90% of NKs exports is to China. Part of the terms being thrown around is removal or reduction of US troops in South Korea. I surmise when Kim met with China, they suggested that he sue for peace, get the troop reduction as part of it (China wants as few western troops on mainland Asian soil as possible.), and they will keep buying their North Korean coal, and maybe throw in some factory second iPhones. Everyone wins.


Celebrity Death Match anyone?

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Wouldn’t Saturn or Jupiter make an ideal meeting site for these two splendid creatures. Elon Musk could probably have them on their way in short order and on the trip there they can get to know each other better…Diplomacy, science and a better Earth while they travel on their way.

Run-DMZ is my favorite totalitarian hip-hop group.


It’s kind of making me crazy that Trump is getting so much credit for his master diplomacy skills in bringing the two Koreas together for talks when in reality he has so little interest in the region that he still hasn’t bothered to appoint an ambassador to South Korea.


Why hire an extra person to do the job he is quite capable of handling himself?

Trump sits awkwardly at table with two delegations of Korean leaders conversing at length in their native language

Trump: So—did you guys know that technically the Korean War never actually ended? Crazy, right?


You’re optimistic. I figured he’d lead with, “Which one of you two are the one that eats dogs. I get you guys mixed up.”


Singapore would be a great location to show Kim what a more open, fun-spirited police state is like.

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NK’s successful 100-kiloton test last year and ability to hit anywhere in the US did the trick.

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It was in the Australian news a week ago that the proposed US ambassador to Australia was being redirected to South Korea.


I would be amazed if Kim Jong Un travels to Singapore. I can remember when the Indonesian president had to time his trip to Australia to minimize the chance of a coup while he was out of the country. I think its too far to go for a meeting planned so far ahead.

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As impractical as it would be, secretly hoping this is an assassination attempt that would at worst leave Il Douche seriously incapacitated for life.

Pretty sure the secret service will ensure that the only guns in the room are theirs, or none at all. When the President meets foreign leaders there is usually some direct negotiation between security agencies on both sides so that this is understood.

I knew people who were involved in the planning for President Clinton to visit my city. At one point our side made a few suggestions about how we could assist the motorcade but the US side said, in effect, that if they have to go from A to B and there are six red lights on the way then they are just going to go, and they travel prepared for that.

Okay fine. But will Kim’s security people go along with that? Other countries like Germany and Australia certainly would. Maybe using Singapore as a venue is a way of offloading part of the issue on to the host country. Singapore being notoriously touchy about personal weapons.

In the case of the Iraq shoe thrower, I am sure that the secret service would have insisted on, and got, full control of the site:

There’s always the lotion poison, like they used on Kim’s brother.

I wondered about that. I don’t think they can dictate security for the other sides. I image if the US, SK, and NK are all in the room, they will each have armed body guards. I think as long as Trump and Kim aren’t directly armed, it won’t be a problem. Actually just Trump.

I have listened to a few videos who cite a book written by a Korean that showed how NK goes in a cycles of manufacturing conflict, then backing off, appeasing the west and the rest of Asia, who then throw money at him for being so cool. So I don’t really think Kim would do some crazy cowboy thing.