Trump meets with military drone makers and VCs

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…and thats the CEO of Cyberdyne Systems there in the second row. Thanks Trump.


So he took some time out from golf and F’ing up the country to play with some toys?

I’ve got money that says they gave Trump some “demo products” and he flies them around the oval office. (They’re for Barron, really.)

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Thats a mighty strange quote here. If one has followed the news or has RTFA’d, its pretty clear that this is a continuation of something already happening rather than anything new and the timing is hardly “interesting”. Note also that the contrast there with China is slightly off as the US doesn’t do defense equipment sales to China.

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Seariously, does he get coaching on how to look so dumb?

Wait, no need to respond.

I’m pretty sure we have enough weapons now.

“Where do you get the tiny pilots to fly these things?”

I doubt he has the coordination.

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