Trump slowed 50%

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Hard mode: watch the video on 50% speed!


So anytime The Donald hasn’t managed to say something stupid, outrageous or hateful enough to collect his daily quota of free media coverage, you guys will just make up something like this?

That’s reassuring. I’d really hate to see Trump lose the nomination just because his reality-TV antics couldn’t scare up enough free press coverage.

That sort of fate is for losers like Bernie Sanders, who just don’t understand how Modern Media Manipulation works.

(Of course, if, for every 10-20 Trump posts that appear on BB, there’s also one post complaining about how the ‘mainstream media’ is ignoring Bernie but giving Trump free coverage, then balance will be restored in the universe.

Best of all, with the Universal Balance restored, no matter what happens, none of it will be your fault.)

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I’ve notice this as well. BB is in the bag for Trump and they don’t even know it. Trump has nimbly navigated his way onto BB and every other media outlet while Bernie has been a ghost around here. I saw a pro-Clinton article today though, so that could explain BB’s particular bent. Maybe they’re trying for Clinton. It’s easy to go after crazy things Trump says, easy to ignore Bernie, but there isn’t much good that can be said for Clinton. The result is naturally 20 articles making fun of Trump, maybe mention Bernie in passing, and then trumpet every celebrity endorsement Clinton gets as if that was worthy of note. Nah… I’ll vote based on anti-TPP stance, so Bernie, then Trump if/when Bernie fails to make it to general. Crooked Clinton’s TPP ‘gold standard’ stance earns her a spot right down by Theocracy Ted. A 27 trillion dollar trade deal outweighs pretty much anything else in the real world.


Based on his comment that “…you are the most highly taxed people in the world…,” Trump must have been addressing a group of Belgians or Swedes. Why isn’t this in the news?


The name itself is inherently click-bait now, so I can’t really fault the staff of a website for exploiting an easy resource.

That being said, once I opened the thread I didn’t bother to click on the additional link, because it became clear that it’s just more of the SOS that doesn’t really interest me in general.

And like me, everyone has a choice as to what they read online; just because its posted doesn’t mean that you have to give it any energy.

Just saying.

Now back to my daily routine of finding ways to alleviate my continual boredom while I wait for my next assignment.


Slowed down done better:
Paula Deen. Slowed down to quaalude speed.

Bookmarking this for tomorrows celebration. :relieved:

But it’s so simple. All we have to do is divine from what we know of boing boing: are they the sort who would post poison to their own blog about their friends or their enemies? Now, a clever person would sarcastic posts in their own blog, because they would know that only a great fool would believe what they read on the internet. I am not a great fool, so I can clearly not say they support Trump. But maybe they must have known I was not a great fool, they would have counted on it, so I can clearly not say they support Hillary.

They like cast iron, which means they are exceptionally strong, so maybe they put this Trump poison on their own blog, trusting on strength to save them, so I can clearly not choose to vote Donald. But, they are also against the Sonny Bono Act, which means they must have studied copyright, and in studying copyright they must have learned that human is mortal, so they would want to seize the day and vote for the best candidate possible.

So I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.


Rob Ford never left us O_O




People like you are our first principle, in the Aurielian sense: you complain about the thing you want, thereby telling us what you want more of.


You sound disappointed in BB. Maybe you can get on that list. :wink:


Ah, there you are again; deigning to even acknowledge my lowly presence; lucky me.

Anyhoos, I’m not “complaining”; merely expressing my desire to see a larger variety of staff generated content other than needlessly giving Trump even more attention, shilling/reviewing products that I know that I’ll likely never need let alone buy, and the tech-intensive discussions that are so prevalent here. ( Like the 3 or 4 links of the exact same kind of discourse you promoted to me previously.)

Given that the staff here is actually present the vast majority of the time, is paying attention, and is apparently open to SOME ideas from their community*, I would think some fresh insight from “people like me” might be met with some thoughtful consideration as opposed to… whatever.

But then again, I’m often wrong, about many things; and it doesn’t chafe my britches even the slightest to admit it.

Moving right along.

* And I cannot stress enough what a welcome relief that fact is.


Do tell us if you’re ever disappointed!


Thanks, but I’m already on that BB bully-list.

But once again (as with the time that first got me on that list), I’ve been misunderstood.

I was NOT complaining - on the contrary, as I said, I am reassured, since there is still the distinct possibility that the Republicans might try to deny The Donald the nomination if he doesn’t have enough first-ballot delegates.

And I WANT Trump to be the Republican nominee.

Because honestly, I think the Democrats could beat Trump by a landslide in the general even if they ran a dead gerbil against him - never mind a cranky old white-haired socialist or a corporate-lackey Washington insider.

And every little bit of Trumpiana helps, so I’m pleased to see BB shouldering their share of the burden, even if they have to manufacture stuff to fill slow days.

Without this sort of volunteer enthusiasm, the Republicans might end up with some populist religious zealot like Cruz or some other more reasonable-seeming (seeming!) party loyalist, and then they might actually stand a chance against either the cranky socialist or the corporate lackey.

So, no, I’m definitely not disappointed in Boingboing.



I’m just messing with you. :slight_smile: I think if you care about BB and see an issue you should say something. And on the election and your concerns I get it and agree. I don’t think an election in my lifetime has ever carried such dire potential. Maybe they did and I was just blind to it. But this election feels like a crossroads that can’t just be fixed in the following election cycle. Trump, Hillary and Bernie feel like the most likely winners short of a the parties dicking with the super delegates and I can’t imagine 3 more different presidencies. But maybe that is just the fear that has been sloshing around the US since 9/11 finally getting into my system.

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Whoever did that is my new favorite comedian.