Trump staffer convicted of felony election fraud in 2012 case


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Wait a minute…this cannot be…Trump hired someone because they have actual qualifications and prior experience for the job?

No way!


Keep digging. Keep digging.



“Now he’s in power they’ll turn on him and switch into opposition”

Are you sure? Because it sure as hell looks like they’re doubling down, not the other way around.


Jesus Christ, he should be found guilty of another felony for wearing that terrible outfit.


I’d hold off on that bet. These kind of douchebags mostly like winning, and proving they were right to every one else. Until Trump starts to tank, I think they’ll stick to him like dingleberries.


When you have somebody as credulous as our future president, making decisions, the REALLY powerful job is the person who controls access to him. Everybody within the Conservative/Republican orbit is vying for that, in the hope that they can be the Cheeto-whisperer to get their policies enacted, regardless of whether they resemble what he said to get elected. People are fighting hard for that, and preparing the population for an abrupt volte-face on just about everything that Rage Mango has said.



Given Cheeto Mussolini’s penchant for projection, as soon as he started talking about election fraud, I began to wonder if that meant he knew election fraud had been perpetrated - by his own people. This is making me wonder again…


Also, once they’re inside the administration these sleazebags will find a whole new playground of systems to game and cheat.


I think Trump hired this guy to give his team a veneer of respectability.



Disgust and humorless mirth orbiting a black hole of self-loathing.

@beschizza I appreciate the lyric poetry (and not for the first time)… sincere thanks for the heart you put into writing.


Congratulations to the liar-elect. He finally found a verified case of election fraud. Now if he could just provide some kind of evidence of the 599,999,999 other cases he’s claimed to know about, he might have a leg to stand on.__


Yeah, and when he does start to crumble they’ll turn coat so fast it will make even the people who don’t like them sick. That is the standard pattern with these political dung beetles.


When it comes to that “certain kind of boy,” for sure. By that I mean the superficially savvy internet-age guys, the channers and activists and media trumpkins. At the high end, they’re being replaced more or less wholesale in his executive entourage by bankers and Republicans. And at the low end, the traditional white supremacists now in ascendance plainly despise them as the carpetbaggers who must be dealt with first.


You repeat yourself, sir.

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