Sidelined Trump campaign chief quits


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He puts the “man” in “Manafort.”


Birds of a feather.


Well we can’t let Trump off the hook this easily. Tie that anchor around his neck!


“… a fine of up to $250,000,”

Sounds like he came out ahead if he was paid over 12 million


So, should we conclude that Trump is even less pleasant to work with than Yanukovych; or that he’s not as good at paying his contractors?


Oh no! This close to the election, where is Trump going to find another asshole? He already found one? Oh. Carry on, then.*


  • Trump 2016!


It seems a curious oversight that the penalties for clandestine foreign agents committing espionage are (at least in theory, in practice their value as political bargaining chips has a protective effect) so much stiffer than for skipping the tedious intermediate steps and just corrupting the government directly.

It’s almost as though somebody is nervous about the idea of shooting lobbyists.


There is no shortage of that particular type, sadly.


Yes, but Trump narrows that down considerably by hiring only the best assholes. It’s tough picking the world-class, really tremendous asshole out of the bigly pile.

I hear Trump uses Extreme Vetting to pick his crew. He lines them up and takes only the ones who answer “Yes” when he asks “Do you agree with me?” It’s a tough quiz. I barely passed it myself, and I thought I was a great asshole.*


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Ya know, for a guy whose experience as a CEO would theoretically be in finding the best employees, he sure does a lousy job of it.


I don’t know. Look in his eyes. I think that he is continually tearing up from the strain of maintaining human shape.


How many assholes does any one man need?

Does DJT dye his butt hair?

  1. Thanks for the mental image.
  2. If there is one candidate on the planet who might show us, if sufficiently provoked…




Assholes are like money or Pokemons. You can never have too many.*


  • Trump 2016!


Oh no!!!
Where will he find gainful employ?
… never mind.


Oh god… where did it come from?
What does it eat?
Will it go away?


yeah, but they’ll give him a good slap on the wrist.