Paul Manafort was interviewed twice by FBI years before he joined Trump's political campaign


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The information raises fresh questions about how closely the Trump campaign vetted staff members

There was due diligence. Il Douche’s Russian oligarch creditors “suggested” that Manafort and Flynn and Page would make good additions to the campaign team and he complied.


Known as priming the Trump-Pump.



Sub-standard fascism.


Which one?



Nose too small - check!
Eyes too small - check!
Ears too small - check!
Cheek bones too small - check!
Hands too small - check!





“I’ll choose all the best people for my administration.”
-some dolt


Full quote:

“I’ll choose all the best people for my administration. Then I’ll give them crazy jobs, like firing the State Department. I’ll belittle them and humiliate them, and then I’ll fire them. It’s gonna be fun!”


Yup, just another day in the Trump Presidency.

“Drain the swamp”, “only the best people”, blah blah blah.

(long dejected sigh)


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