Trump Threatened to Leave the GOP

If ever there was any doubt that all of Trump’s relationships are purely transactional (and one-way at that), this should end it.

In response, [Ronna] McDaniel reportedly told Trump he “cannot do that” because “if you do, we will lose forever,” to which Trump shot back, “Exactly. You lose forever without me. I don’t care.” Trump, who had been fighting to overturn his 2020 election loss, reportedly proclaimed “this is what Republicans deserve for not sticking up for me.” McDaniel warned Trump that if he did so, he would “ruin your legacy,” but Karl reports Trump seemed quite serious about the threat.


I hope he does leave, post haste.

A Trumpist Party will bleed all the Southern Strategy assholes (i.e., most of them) from the Republicans. All that would be left there would be the College Republicans / “principled libertarians” / otherwise cool people with a couple seriously douchey beliefs. All two or three of these people. So they’d attract the establishment Democrats who are most of the way there already. Then the Democrats would actually start listening to the left for once!

I know none of this will actually happen. This is just more Baby Trump drama. And even if it wasn’t, we’ve got a long way to go before any political party starts listening to the will of the people ([cough] constitutional amendment [cough] ). But I can always dream.


“Lose forever” lol. Trump doesn’t have that many years left, and what we’ve seen with the Tea Party is when people leave, the Grand Ole Party finds ways of getting them to come back.

It would certainly be devastating until the man is dead though


Oh no. Not that. Please, anything but that.


bored waiting GIF


I have to admit, in this case it’s quite amusing…

If Trump leaves: The GOP suffers
If Trump stays: The GOP suffers

He’s that toxic in one way or another :slight_smile:


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