Trump Tracts: Subgenius-inflected mini-comics about Trump in the style of Jack Chick tracts


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It’s multi-use is going to be tested to the enth degree, bet on it.



It loses some of the true madness of Jack Chick’s comics


There have a been a few Chick-inspired mock tracts over the years. I think it’s interesting how the popularity of that particular style of religious handbill led to it becoming a meme of sorts, a template for others to use for their own agendas.


That looks like the cheap rough stuff that feels like sand paper.


Don’t you trust Trump to give you real sandpaper?


Butt, it’s unforgettable!


What a charming coincidence. I used a public restroom today and found a Jack Chick tract waiting for me. I had no idea anybody was still distributing those!


The small hands one uses ‘alot’ -and my estimation of the IQ of the creator was lowered dramatically.


I’m just amazed they are actually a thing! I encountered them first through a lovecraft parody and then an anti-Islamic scribble (genuine). They seem to be utterly unhinged.


Very useful. Norovirus outbreak at GOP convention.


Found an error in the article: “Noroviruses Trump triggers explosive bouts of vomiting and diarrhea.”


It’s so true. :laughing:


It’s John Wayne® toilet paper.

“It’s rough, it’s tough, and it don’t take shit from nobody!”


From the linked article:

Norovirus spreads via what’s called the fecal-oral route.

That’s how you get GOP conventions.


Oh yes quite real and quite unhinged. This one warns that a real, literal hell awaits sinners such as yourself, dear reader, but here is a special incantation that will get you on the nice list. It wasn’t as cute as the D&D ones.


The first fundaligionist I met explained to me that hell is the grave and never coming back.

I’ve always been pretty resigned to hell. It’s what will happen.


Yes that’s how the OT sees it – hell is She’ol, the land of shadows. Much less dramatic than Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.



Not much versed in active religiosity. More interested in ancient versions when I read abut that stuff.

Just discussing turning old d&d dice into jewelry with the elder (damned) daughter this evening as it happens. May she roast on a spit and curse the name of her heathen father.

I mean it was an obvious next step when she mentioned other kids using dice for jewelry in her summer thing. Oh yeah? I’ve got ctazy dice!