Trump "University" sued by New York state


That lion logo looks vaguely familiar …

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Kerning is apparently not one of the topics taught there. That kerning on the “logo” is embarrassing.

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Hey, I got MY education there and have no complaints. I’m now a venal, dull-witted, self-important asshole with idiotic hair and owe it all to Trump U!! GO PARASITES!


Sue them while you can. As a Trump business, it’ll be bankrupt in a couple of years.

Too bad that The Donald’s fake pay-for-play university is probably the only one of its vile ilk that will be investigated and penalized–and only because of Trump’s idiocy and general unlikeableness.

There are literally hundreds of these fake colleges out there–check the ads in the subway–that target immigrants, minorities, etc. and promise all manners of career shortcuts for a price.

The lion, according to Wikipedia, traditionally symbolizes bravery, valor, strength, and royalty, as it is regarded as the king of beasts.

Also: big orange hair.

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