Trump warns non-endorsers Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to "be very careful"

Originally published at: Trump to Ted Cruz: "be very careful"


I doubt Cruz and Hawley are fretting too much. As fascists themselves, they understand that Long Knives are a part of the life they chose.


“You have defied me! You will know the vengeance of the Lord Humongous. I promise you, nobody. . . NOBODY gets out of here alive!”


Why would any candidate seek out the endorsement of two creeps who are so unpleasant that they are widely reviled in their own party?

You don’t see Joe Biden demanding that Senator Bob Menendez give him his explicit endorsement.


If I were Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley, I would reply with the following:

"Look. You are definitely not serious or respectful of your supporters. You have no-showed on the primary debate circuit at least four times. You have not taken the loyalty pledge to support the GOP front runner if it ends up being someone other than yourself. The only promises you have made (and kept) are threats, venom, and retaliation against every slight to your fragile ego. Anyways, what positive outcome can you truly deliver to the American people, and I mean all Americans, beyond infrastructure week, an updated healthcare reform act to replace ObamaCare, Back the Blue, and Family Values. Those ended up becoming the running punchlines for our Democratic opponents to use against the GOP agenda and our goals.

Considering that you haven’t shown up to the debates, and you now know the questions. What are your answers to the raised questions? Take all the time you need, but please have them completed before the January 11th debate.

Now that you have experienced the Presidency both on the inside and the outside, what is your clear policy win that I can share with my voters? I am not counting the overturning of Roe vs. Wade as that outcome will likely cost the GOP dearly in the House and Senate races."


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