Cruz to pick Carly Fiorina as running mate


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I was just about to post this.

Don’t you have to be the nominee first?


Perhaps this time she is not overly worried about ruining her chances of being Trump’s running mate.


Good lord. Is he of the opinion that will help?


Not necessarily; it usually happens closer to the convention, after all of the primaries have finished. But Ted Cruz isn’t one to follow traditional thinking.


Like the article says, I guess it’s all about winning California. Not that picking someone who’s already lost in California is necessarily the best choice, perhaps?

Time for the other nominees to make their picks? Can someone pick Herman Cain, pretty please?


Are there any credible theories as to whom Trump might pick?


No, Reagan did it in '76.

Of course, that didn’t work out too well for him that year…


Not at all. I am free to announce my running mate. Won’t matter very much, but I can issue a press release.


Many Republicans worry that if Trump is the nominee, he will alienate female voters in the general election given his past controversial comments on women — a fear exacerbated by his victory speech last night where he blasted Clinton for playing "the woman's card."

Granted, that blurb is at the end of the article covering Cruz choosing Fiorina, but is that really the sole reason Republicans are worried about Trump? Hell, Oklahoma’s bunch of right-wing idiots just outlawed abortion in their state–the GOP doesn’t look too worried about turnout by the fairer sex.


Who is it? @othermichael?


Carly seems almost too far right for California Republicans, although I might just be projecting.


Melania Trump!


“Ted Cruz” + “Carly Fiorina” = “Certainly R Zodiac”


Isn’t it time that Princess Pricklepants picked a running mate? Perhaps someone who can bring the rodent vote?


My husband who tweets for his job says that this is currently trending on Twitter. (Twitter is about six weeks behind BoingBoing…)


No, I wear my lapel-pin on the opposite side.


Princess Pricklepants + Rat King := FTW!


The unity of the Eulipotyphla and the Rodentia is indissoluble! But they’ll never get anywhere - just imagine their views on gun control.


Nate Silver posted “FAIRLY CURRENT ZODIAC” and things went a little nuts.

“Ted Cruz” + “Carly Fiorina” = “Clarify Zodiac Return” is my favorite the anagram finder has reported: