Trump would wipe Afghanistan 'off the face of the earth' but 'don't want to kill 10 million people'

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Good thing he’s already laid the groundwork dehumanizing them so they don’t really count.


Why do I get the feeling the military is doing everything possible not to have to put up with Trump’s temper tantrums.


Donald Trump’s brain: “I just literally saved the lives of 10 million people. Holy shit, I deserve the Nobel Prize AND Man of the Year!”


Easy solution: Relocate all 10 million to the US and give them asylum, then bomb the crap out of the empty hillsides to your hearts content. You could relocate 200,000 to each and every state to spread the burden.


So President Trump is saying he doesn’t want to win the war in Afghanistan. Got it. Sounds like treason to me.

(As a side note I’m being visited by a time traveler, myself from 2005, and you should have seen the look on my face when I watched me type the above paragraph. Poor guy. This is gonna have repercussions…)


They wouldn’t even count as a mulligan.


Afghanistan ranks about number 37 in total population (about 37 million) but ranks only about number 150 in population density.

Only one city in the country has a population greater than 1 million, that being the capital, Kabul, with a population of about 3.1 million (about 10% of the total population)

The next largest city, Kandahar, has a population of less than 0.5 million

If Herr Drumpf imagines he can conquer Afghanistan in 10 days, it’s going have to happen by obliterating every town, village, and hamlet bigger than 100 people, and that’s going to kill a hell of a lot more than 10 million people.

So, genocide.

He’s floating the notion of genocide, and patting himself on the back for not doing it.


He is lying, again, of course.

Donald Trump would totally kill 10 million people if he could figure out how to do it so that it would only benefit him.

Eh- maybe he isn’t THAT evil. Not directly caring about people and causing harm by bad polices is different than ordering actual military strikes. He did put the brakes on the air strike retaliation against Iran. I mean, Obama had the balls to order drone strikes and OKed the attack on Bin Laden. I think Lt Bonespurs is squeemish. Doesn’t he eat well done steaks as well? I bet he’d faint if he had to butcher something.


Ok, tough guy


“If I wanted to win that war”

How come the conservative media doesn’t just grab that out of context (“he ADMITS he DOESN’T want to win the war!!”) like they do with anyone on the left.

(Well, obviously I know why, it’s a rhetorical question.)


Reportedly only because Tucker “confused dog” Carlson told him it would be bad for his reelection chances. So yeah, I suspect he really is THAT “evil” (which is to say, a dumb psychopath).


Ironically I was told by at least one active service member whom I know that he would have resigned his commission had Hillary become POTUS because he wouldn’t want to be serving under a war monger in office.

Yes, the jackass voted for Nostradumbass. And no I have no spoken to him and his wife (who were friends) since that day.


It’s not like the rocks and mountains and trees of Afghanistan are at fault. (nor are most of those 10 million people).

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“Bomb the hell out of 'em all and let God sort 'em out” has been a (not even far right) right wing talking point for decades.


“I just don’t want to kill 10 million people."

The number of Trump’s ‘interesting lines in the sand’ continues to grow.


I wonder if a correlation can be drawn between how often Trump says he would or wouldn’t do something, or does/doesn’t want something, and the real truth of his feelings.

Like the more times he says he doesn’t want something in a single ramble, the more he really wants it?

Like saying the opposite of what he really wants trips a repeat switch in his brain and forces him to keep repeating it until he reaches a form of parity.

Just thinking out loud.

I have no doubts he would be willing to kill 10 million people, or 100 million, if it gave him any edge at all. He displays no empathy or compassion; not even simple versions of those emotions. If he’s not made to look at the results, he will have no problem with it. Pushbutton killer.




Your “thinking out loud” sounds a thousand times more considered and worthy of discussion than anything Trump could ponder on and squeeze out in a thousand years.


‘don’t want to kill 10 million people’