Trump's acting attorney general: Judges should be Christian with a "biblical view of justice"



The sad thing is that his co-debaters would not even understand what Zappa is explaining to them if they were actually listening to him instead of repeating the same crap over and over. Must be frustrating to know that you’re the only person in the room with a working brain.


Lotta good comments and points made here, but let’s face it. “Seriously fucked” is becoming the new normal here in America. Our congressional leaders have allowed themselves to be completely neutered to the point of ineffectiveness. You think they’re going to wake up one day and say, “Hello, we’d like our balls back now”? Not happening. The Dems are feeling good about the election, and yet have nothing to offer except a House led by Nancy Fucking Pelosi!! We’ve been down this road before! With a President who’s been quoted as saying, “I like chaos” and who doesn’t give two shits about rule of law, he and his minions will find a way to bulldoze these people into the ground. And the violence! Holy shit! The violence! The Lone Ranger and Tonto ain’t riding in to save us. Are we fucking great yet?


The record number of women who were just elected to congress might take issue with the implication that “more balls” is what we need to fix the current political situation.


‘Bread and circuses’; but they better watch their asses when the bread finally runs out.


“When you elect a clown, you should expect a circus.” - anonymous


I support this notion! ALL HAIL OUR LADY THE GODDESS ATHENA!!!


But circuses are actually fun. At least they have cotton candy…

This isn’t fun and no cotton candy…


I’m guessing that he isn’t calling for the extirpation of pretty much the entire financial services sector for usury?


This vid seems too damn apt right about now:


there is so much misconception, misattribution, mendacity, and irrationality packed into those 27 words, it is hardly possible to begin unpacking and eliminating them.

fortunately 8 other members have gotten off to a good start with it. to which i say



Look, I’m not intolerant of Religious people, but I am patronizing as hell to religious people, and deservedly so, because being into a religion is, to me, like your favorite sports team: It affects what you do on Sunday, you’re happy with the team you support, but it should have NOTHING TO DO with what you do, are and think any other day of the week. Put another way, you’re into Jesus? Great: My favorite fictional character with amazing powers is Green Lantern, but he doesn’t exist, either, and here we are.

Religious Belief is, at heart, socially-sanctioned mythology* as run by a criminal conspiracy, and I’d like to hope that if it doesn’t kill us, we’ll grow out of it.

So this guy, as noted, who wants ‘Biblical judges,’ can go pound sand.

*prior ingracious phrasing edited


But they have clowns… clowns!! and that is terrifying! Oh, wait, yeah, it is just like a circus.


US Mideast policy is based on a Bible story view of history and many self-styled secularists have been brainwashed into believing these tales.


As an atheist with a mental illness, no it is not.

Everything you disagree with or don’t like behaviourally from other people does not qualify as a mental illness. We have rules against that on this forum.

Mental illness is a serious issue and people like you making conflations like that can do people like me harm.

That is about as polite as I am going to get on the issue.


This is so cool! We need more “Caring for widows and orphans” “being kind to the stranger and the wayfarer” " live in such a way that all see your good deeds and praise God" “more difficult for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle” kind of judges! Huzzah! Wait, that’s not what he meant?


Right. And we know how the current admin and friends think about and treat women!


And I hope that those judges with a biblical view remember what Jesus said about homosexuality!

Nothing. Not one word.


Better bone up on your Maimonides!

Oh, wait. Judeo Christian.

Spinoza palled around with Christian Huygens, does that count?


“A biblical view of justice” eh? Now which Bible is he referring to? The Old Testament or the New? Two very different views of justice in them. It is amazing how many of the so-called Evangelicals turn to the OT for their views on justice and totally ignore what Christ taught about justice.