Trump's base will always love him, and do not care what he promised

I pretty much agree with the headline, but we should remember that there are various forms of Trump supporters. There are those who love him because he hates who they hate. There are those who support him because he defeated Hillary, and they think if he leaves, she will become president. There are some who think he turned the economy around, even though it has just continued on the path it was on under Obama. There are those who don’t care for him much, but want to outlaw abortion. And there are those who just want their lucrative, healthful job in the coal mines back.


Exactly. And I sympathize with them, even though I think they are completely dangerously wrongheaded and should have voted Green.

I think so too. I still don’t see anyone doing anything that will change anyone’s vote. The anti-Russian propaganda circus shows no sign of ever becoming relevant to anyone but people who are already anti-Trump, so far it’s just been a way to flush tax dollars into politically connected pockets.

I hadn’t planned on it, but I’m sure I can make time.

I won’t be in Seattle, though. I’ll be screaming helplessly in the woods of the midatlantic coast.


They love him because he’s as stupid and hate filled as they are and he gets by with it…for now.


That’s the trump magic, his supporters are too damn stupid to realize the harm they do to themselves in the name of hurting others.


How on earth?

Trump is like the ultra-parody definition of ‘the elite’

Just wow…


Well, yes. He’s the best smartest person there is that’s how he turned his billions of inherited money into slightly more billions. Your average joe couldn’t possibly manage the level of success he’s had.


They could always eat their pride :wink:


Of course- he has the best words.

Long words
(Excellent words)
(I can hear them


It’s so disheartening to read this article.


I’m sure it will be very ‘filling.’


IKR? Perhaps in their eyes he’s just a real estate agent.


"Trump’s probably the most diligent, hardest-working president we’ve ever had in our lifetimes. It’s not like he sleeps in till noon and goes golfing every weekend, like the last president did.”

Ignorance must be very comforting.

I also imagine that if I lived in a small coal town in Pennsylvania, and had reporters in town every weekend asking me if I still supported Trump, it would certainly strengthen my resolve to keep doing so.


Yeah, I’m not so sure there is a “different segment”.


Well so much for sleep tonight… I hate you Milkman @Akimbo_NOT.


It makes one if they risk kidney failure from drinking so much koolaid.

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I have to really wonder about people like that; would say they were ‘freezing’ if their clothes caught on fire? Does the utter denial of reality go that deep?


I think it’s more that they’re genuinely ignorant rather than denying reality. If your primary news source is FOX and the guys down at the barber shop, you’re going to live in a really weird bubble where Obama did nothing but golf and Trump is a sharp bad-ass CEO who’s working hard and sticking it to those ungrateful NFL players. And they want very much to have a strong, ballsy guy in charge to look up to. In the article, the reporter confronts the “he never golfs” guy with the fact that Trump pretty much golfs constantly and admitted to molesting women, and the guy’s like oh, huh, well, at least he doesn’t molest little boys.


In their eyes the bad ol’ Coastal Elites, unlike Real American™ bootstrappin’ millionaires, put great stock in things like education, high culture, good taste, non-conspicuous consumption, respect for humans with less money, the common environment, etc. – things that money can’t buy and that most of them would never have even if their dreams of becoming a millionaire came true.

In that sense, the president* is an aspirational figure who’s living a non-wealthy stupid person’s conception of a wealthy person’s life: being an uncultured and proudly ignorant boor who can treat everyone and everything around him like crap, but who gets away with it because he has lots of money.



Here is an interesting take with pretty much the exact opposite title.

EDIT: The idea that “Trumpism doesn’t work without Trump” implies that the whole secret to his success is his unpredictability and inability to get his party to fall in line, which doesn’t make much sense to me. Trump is a incoherent racist with poor organizational skills. I’d hate to see what a coherent, organised racist could do.

I also think the “outsider” narrative is a bit of a red herring. I don’t think the right is craving a non-elite, they just want someone who is provocative and authoritarian.