Trump's FCC redefines "effective competition" to include having only one ISP in your county

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He has a point. Some ISPs are so bad, it’s like they’re competing against themselves and losing.


Not enough competition? Redefine it!
Slow internet? Redefine it!

The FCC: Solving problems with semantic fuckery


American Exceptionalism is really just redefining reality to match one’s own mediocre expectations.


Isn’t only having one health insurer - ie., lack of competition - a main point in repub’s critique of ‘failing’ Obamacare? I’m sure if we pointed out this inconsistency in their logic they’ll rectify their stances.

I am redefining “effective competition” to include having several parallel governments.

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Premium mediocre?

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I just love the whole concept of a market with “one competitor.” Breathtaking.

I’m not sure whether mediocre is the right word here; for me it seems to imply at least some sort of connection with reality and sanity.

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