Trump's finance watchdog wants to make the taxpayer-funded database of crooked banks go dark


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Anybody else get the sense that Donald Trump is doing whatever he can to dismantle monitoring and regulatory agencies so that, when the full scope of whatever horrific financial crimes he’s responsible for comes to light, he’ll have as much time as possible to pack everything up and disappear into Russia?


BURN THE SCUM while you can still afford matches.


Yeah, you know, like how when you see a rat running around a restaurant kitchen, the only and proper move is to call Yelp. What do you want, some kind of government funded “Yelp” that listens and responds to public health complaints, and takes legal action to protect patrons?


Or the NHTSA. Why should there be a place to complain about car issues that leads to recalls for safety. Just let everyone drive in death boxes, the market will put bad companies out of business eventually, so what a few people are hurt in the process…


Never understood how people believe the idea that regulatory bodies are bad. I mean, I understand why those being regulated would dislike them, but the average person? Even if all corporations are exactly as self- serving (or altruistic) as the average person, that’s still not very good.


Pedantry alert: technically this is not your tax dollars at work. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is funded by the Federal Reserve, which in turn gets its money from fees charged from members for services and from interest from loans and held government securities. CFPB was funded this way to prevent Congress from interfering with it by dicking around with its budget.


Well folks, it seems it’s time to employ the good ol’ fashioned digital technique commonly referred to as copying.


Yelp for financial services sponsored by the federal government

Yes, that’s exactly what I’d like to see.


And by state governments… remember, in many parts of the USA you can’t hold a job without a car, and it’s illegal to drive a car without insurance, and the car insurance companies are all private financial services. It doesn’t get any more “state sponsored” than having the state mandate payments to a for-profit corporation in order to hold a job.


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