Trump's Consumer Finance Protection Board chief gives up on punishing Equifax for doxing the entire United States of America


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But you must admit, Mulvaney says Trump is the best president ever, and that’s really the most important part of his job.


All jokes aside, what sort of awful scenario would have to occur for it to be blatantly obvious that America needs a strong Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?


I think that there is clearly no scenario that would qualify according to the current administration.


“Good enough for government work.” Slams large ledger closed, sending dust in the air.


All of the “free” market extremists self-deporting to their small-government paradise of Somalia?

Whoops, you said “awful.” I got nothing.


Clearly the swamp was filled with special interests who were manipulating the government to impose unfair regulations and red-tape on good old american job creators.


Consumer protection is bad for capitalism, or something.


Isn’t there some kind of robo suing website? It would be appropriate for Equifax to compensate the victims of it’s carelessness directly.


It’s been obvious to me for a while. By the time it’s obvious to Trump supporters (or those who voted for him over some other one issue BS and don’t care about this), it won’t matter because they will be starving along with the rest of us. Or dead. Or in debtor’s prison.


If it isn’t Wells Fargo or Equifax, it ain’t gonna happen.


It’s hardly fair to punish one organization for disastrous, expensive stupidity while rewarding another with the presidency.


This guy just has a nails on chalkboard personality to me. If Scott Walker is the slack-jawed embodiment of the town drunk/simpleton in an old black n white pre-talkies movie, Mick Mulvaney seems like the town lecher or local kiddie diddler in Fox’s first foray at cinema.


The answer is, none. I think that much is pretty obvious at this point. We’re genuinely fucked.


Lenders can pick a winner as far as consumer lending information; for example, who would never be permitted to an EDGAR link etc. There can be a nice class-action, surely? Maybe just require 20 minutes of safe harbor disclosures every Superbowl…


Media should grow a backbone and either report the whoms anyway or decline to report the story at all.

Off the record chats are one thing, but laying down pronouncements by anonymous officials is garbage.

Flaming garbage vvv



Consumer protection?
Why do you hate America so much???


Because America’s poor still have some money left to give and not enough education to know better and/or time to fight what they do know because of today’s expediency. Also because it turns the middle class into poor, then rinse and repeat.