Trump's ghostwriter prediction: Trump is going to resign


I wonder what happens when you combine a ghostwriter with Ghost Rider.


Putting the good of the country before partisan politics is a two-way street. I may not like Pence but we’re staring down both nuclear holocaust and a Nazi uprising. This isn’t the right time to pull an “Oberyn gloating over the Mountain.”



I believe the key to effectively addressing neo-Nazis, international politics, health care, crime etc., is to take back Congress. A Democratically-controlled congress can trump Trump, and create corrective laws and acts, and thereby thwart, as needed, whoever is left in the WH if Trump resigned, which brings me to non-Tweeting Pence who I believe will bring the hoped-for smiley face to the resulting, less-pressured GOP bent on pushing its anti-ACA, anti-liberal, anti-younameit agendas through.


Not mutually exclusive to immediately oustering the guy who is actively trying to get us all killed. Pence will be irrevocably tainted by his association with Trump no matter how reasonable his Tweets seem by comparison.


Who types up the executive orders Trump takes such pleasure in signing (and probably does not read before signing?) Can we bribe them “contribute to their next political campaign” and convince them to slip “Effective immediately I, Donald Trump, do resign the office of the Presidency.” into one of those orders?


One of my biggest worries is that our “allies” against President Fugazi are allies in name only and when push comes to shove, they will do what they can to keep him in the whitehouse. Just yesterday MSNBC was at the top of the tv news ratings all day long for the first time ever. Colbert has gone from last place to first place in late night ratings. The NY Times is doing better than it has in at least a decade. These organizations are all profit-driven. If the clown goes, so do their bonuses. They need the shitclown, probably moreso than the GOP does - Pence would be better for the Make the Rich Richer agenda. Will they start to pull their punches when they are needed most? I don’t know, but I worry they will.


I don’t believe even this current Congress (and mostly, I believe, due to political expediency and the lingering Trump-taint) would allow us to get into a shooting war (if that’s what you mean by actively trying to get us all killed); my view is based on diplomatically-unfocused, yet easily interpreted comments by leaders in the military and some in the GOP (i.e., pushing for diplomacy over military action).

Given the gulf between a tyrannical Trump and lower-key Pence, I’d think that the GOP would work very, very hard to paint Pence in a way that would make him digestible to a Trump-free, prematurely relieved electorate (and thereby give political cover to fleece-the-sheep big business as they cozy back up to the WH). Pence would be the more compliant figurehead the GOP craves.


Alas, it has to be delivered and accepted by the Secretary of State (one of those odd additional duties of that office)

The original duties of the Secretary of State include some domestic duties such as:[citation needed]

Receipt, publication, distribution, and preservation of the laws of the United States
Preparation, sealing, and recording of the commissions of Presidential appointees
Preparation and authentication of copies of records and authentication of copies under the Department’s seal
Custody of the Great Seal of the United States
Custody of the records of former Secretary of the Continental Congress except for those of the Treasury and War departments


“The circle is closing at blinding speed.” This guy is a writer?



Not if he makes it look like his idea, “Look, I have better things to do. I am doing this for YOU people, not me. But if no one wants to listen, then I am going to go back to what I do best: make lots of money. We could have had great healthcare, we could have had secure boarders, we could have had a better economy but Hillery and her goons are corrupting the Republicans and I can’t work with them. I am going back to working with people who want to make a real difference and make some real money.”


Roger that. Starting a war with N. Korea to distract from the Mueller investigation is more the style of this textbook case of arrested development and pathological narcissism.

[that said, faking a serious illness to get out of trouble is a tried and true method of sociopaths, but it’s an outside possibility]


I tend to agree, but how is he going to keep holding rallies, which is what he lives for? I think he’d resign tomorrow if he could keep holding rallies.


From the Palmer Report, so a healthy dose of salt, but we can dream, right?


Well, it’s not an anonymous source. That’s something.


On one hand, if he resigns, he can’t pardon himself or family.
I’m sure he will think long and hard about that.

On the other hand, he lacks impulse control.

So, I’m going with “Resigns and Declares Victory”.


That was back when the Republican party had not yet gone certifiably insane. The current pack of idiots in the GOP are either cheering Trump on because they want to see the world burn, or they’re telling themselves that clinging onto this rabid tiger’s back is the safest thing they can do right now.


I think instead of rallies he will trade it for another realty show.

What if it was a Charles Kurat take off of his “On the Road” segments, where he travels America in an RV, showing ways Americans are making America great again. Maybe call it, “On the March”.

“I’m Donald Trump. Recently I was elected President. But I found out it was much harder to Make America Great Again from the swamp of Washington DC. So I am on the road, meeting real Americans and rolling up my sleeves to help Make America Great Again, one community at a time.”


Our best hope is he chooses the LBJ route and doesn’t run for a 2nd term.

I am extremely certain that if not impeached, that is exactly what will happen. It’s way too easy that way for him to just say “I accomplished more in one term than any other president has in three, and there’s nothing left for me to do” Then go spend the rest of his life doing personal appearances where he can bask in the glory of his adoring fans while telling them he would have totally won a second term if he’d wanted to.

Then we’ll repeat that whole cycle of the Democrats trying to clean up the mess while the GOP keeps pointing to said mess as proof of the Democrats’ incompetence. Eventually, society will break down, the government will fall, sea levels rise, the planet becomes uninhabitable, and everybody dies.

This is what passes for optimism in my world now.