Trump's ghostwriter prediction: Trump is going to resign


Not bad, except it would take a lot more of his time (and effort) than I think he wants to spend. The rallies were great for him because he could do one a month or so. Maybe he could do a series of rallies and sell broadcast rights.


I read him for entertainment, if nothing else. It’s like buying a lottery ticket; you have almost no chance of winning, but it’s fun to imagine what you could do with the money.


I don’t think so. I mean, it might be better in the immediate short term, but looking further out, I think we’re much better off with Trump leading the GOP into ruin than we are with Pence leading the evangelicals to radicalize it even further.

I’m seriously looking at American politics in terms of “rusty saw self-amputation, or hope that smell isn’t actually gangrene”- No matter what happens we’re fucked, but maybe we can be fucked in a way we might actually recover from someday.


Nah all those shows are scripted anyway. He would come in at the beginning, say some inspirational words, and then has it team of “top men” get to work. And then at the end he comes in and takes credit and blames everything on immigrants.


I understand this thought process but that’s sort of the cutting off the nose to spite your face thinking. I know people who voted for trump for this very reasoning to break the system.


I think all the talk of Trump resigning could seriously backfire.

“Resign? I was thinking about it, but I can’t do it now! It would look like it was their idea!”

Al Gore is calling on Trump to resign. How does that help anything? Trump’s going to take Al Gore’s words to heart?


Yeah, Al Gore has a great track record of convincing people on the right wing of his viewpoint.


"This is ridiculous, and everybody knows it. Washington is a joke. Our constitution is a joke, and everyone’s laughing at us. You’d have to be an idiot to stay president. I’m resigning to start the Trump Media Network, to get you the truth, the best truth, the most beautiful truth, 24 hours a day. All the time. It’s going to be amazing. "

Right. Sigh.

“And I’ll be taking the Truth on tour. I’m going to all the best places, holding bigger rallies than you’ve ever seen. You won’t be able to imagine it. And guess what, FAKE NEWS isn’t invited! They want in, they can buy a ticket, and then we’ll beat the crap out them. If you want to know what happens at the rallies, you’ll see it on Trump Media. The NOT FAKE NEWS NETWORK.”


Good, except for the “our constitution is a joke” part. But everything else sounds about right.


What? He IS the best of them! He gave “Whatever Happens - Making It All Look Great” lessons at Trump U, didn’t he?


Pardons himself and all his family members, declares the “greatest victory”, and resigns.


You may be right, but I can also see such a move leading us directly to the “Trump dies in prison” timeline.


M: Unhappily Blackadder, the Lord High Executioner is dead.
BA: Oh woe ! Murdered of course.
M: No, oddly enough no. They usually are but this one just got
careless one night and signed his name on the wrong dotted
line. They came for him while he slept


I’m doubtful there’s any way he gets out of office without being pardoned. I think it’d take assassination-type evidence, the kind where his successor pardoning him would be too toxic.

Or of course, because a Republican president would have to pardon him, evidence of a gay love affair.


We can hope he doesn’t do this first:

The reason this is relevant:


“You know how James K. Polk never sought a second term because he accomplished everything he wanted to in the first four years? Well I did that in less than ONE. Boom! Best President ever.”


You get Ghost Writers in the Sky.


I’m not clear on why anyone would have a problem with suggesting Trump should resign. Gore’s merely part of a larger chorus in that respect.

This seems to suggests that if you find the right person to say the right words in the right order, Trump would actually resign. There is no such person, no such words nor order.


Because Trump is a petulant, contrary child? Because he’ll keep fucking up America just to spite us? Because if he thinks resigning will make his “enemies” look good, maybe he’ll dig in his heels?

Or not. Just saying it gives me a bad feeling.


I remember that episode!