Trump's Instructions for Your Survival of the Coronavirus

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald J. Trump gives you instructions for how you can beat the coronavirus, the Trump way.




“What you attack and deny can’t hurt you” omg it’s so funny I’m having an existential crisis.


“Claim the the crisis is actually a good thing”
“Shift the blame to opposing political party or a political opponent”
“Create diversion”



I feel sick.


say that the virus is biased against you

Well… considering Trump’s age and not-above-average physique, it actually is biased against him.


And his base.


It’s funny disgusting because it’s true he’s going to kill people with his ineptitude.


This is amazing. This is why the truth matters, and obviously can’t just be forgotten. Holy sh**. Thank you for this Ruben.


It’s very simple:

Trump and his supporters want the economy to do well, because that helps him in the election.

COVID-19 threatens the economy, so they tell us not to worry, it’s contained, it’s just the common cold, etc.

The virus doesn’t care what we say, it doesn’t care about the economy, it doesn’t care what political party is in power. If it can care about anything it cares about making more virus.

Telling people not to worry, it’s contained, etc. guarantees the virus will spread and do more damage than it’s already doing.


I think it might be scarier than that. He might want the virus to get serious, so he can declare a state of emergency and delay or cancel elections to stay in power. He doesn’t care if he’s in charge of a dying country, just that the cash keeps rolling in. I wonder what he’ll charge to get treated in a Trump-branded “freedom care center”?


Just reposting ‘cause it needs to be said as often as possible for the next 9 months.


Too bad it never occurred to them to aggressively use scientific best practices to contain and control the disease if they wanted to keep the economy strong. :-/

I’m still flabergasted that we now have Stalinist levels of disdain for real science at the top levels of government.


“I think 3.4% is really a false number,” Trump told Sean Hannity on his Fox News show. “This is just my hunch, but based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will have this and it’s very mild."

(Well, I feel better already.)


Trumpy might want to check in with a constitutional scholar before he goes down this route. He may not realise this but both is and Pence’s terms have an expiration date: 12 noon January 20, 2021. And, according to the constitution, if there is no president then the Speaker of the House is sworn in as the president. Also, the president has no say in the elections. Those are completely handled by the individual states. Be quite a sh!tstorm to see all the red state governors say “elections are canceled” and the blue state governors say “screw you, we’re having an election.”


The constitution is meaningless and doesn’t matter even remotely anymore because trump has packed the judiciary with judges who owe him, and the senate has loudly broadcasted that they will never hold him accountable.

There’s no point in bringing up the law. For all intents and purposes trump is above the law because nobody who possibly can hold him to it will.

Considering the constitutional implications is just shadowboxing. Come inauguration day, trump will likely refuse to step down. Nobody will force him out. His secret service will close ranks and shoot anyone who would try to since he’s forced anyone with ethics or morals out of the SS.

There will be no way to remove trump from office that doesn’t involve violence or his death prior to the deadline.

Law only has power if there are people willing to abide by and enforce it. We have neither.


Accuse the opposition of politicizing the outbreak. Just like they politicize things like emoluments, Foreglen intervention in the electoral system, and sex scandals.


While I think much of what you say is true, there is a reason why many of the people in the government swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. In particular, the military and FBI hold that oath to be very important. You can expect leadership in both of those organizations to hold to the Constitution, and most of the rank-and-file to follow.

On top of that, Trump has made enemies of the leadership of the institutions that enforce the law and have the guns, tanks, fighter planes, etc., with the exception of ICE/CBP, as @smulder has pointed out multiple times. That includes the Secret Service, who are more likely to physically pick him up and toss him on his ass on Pennsylvania Avenue on Jan 20, 2021 than to protect him.


It just seems like worrying about the wrong problem

Dems are always like, What if the Republicans refuse to admit that they lost the election?

and then the Democrats lose the election