Trump's response to SOTU worthy of a 12 year old

No significant surprise but trump had not even a marginally sensible response to Biden’s (much better than feared expectations) SOTU last evening. Trump used a few Snapchat image filters to make silly heads for Biden and the Vice President. They’re not even slightly amusing or even nastily germane somehow; they’re just sad and strange.

Donald Trump Responds To Biden’s SOTU Speech W/ Snapchat Filter Montage

3/8/2024 6:08 AM PT

Filtering his foe

Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden after Thursday’s State of the Union address … comparing him to a cartoon character in a filtered video he posted to his social media platform.

Perhaps unsurprisingly … DT went the juvenile route in response to President Biden’s hour-plus speech at The Capitol … posting a brief compilation of Joe at the podium – with the Veep sitting behind him – that featured JB and her with a bunch of goofy filters.

Strangely enough, the 27-second clip DT uploaded to Truth Social used footage from Biden’s SOTU address last year … none from this year, which was weird.

(All part of the rapid mental decline - one can suppose)

Did he use the “senile Trump” filter?

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