Trump's threat: 'Get rid of the ballots' — 'there won't be a transfer, frankly, there will be a continuation'

Let’s see if Barr calls for charges of sedition when Trump and cronies refuse to transition power as required.

Not holding my breath.


We know exactly what they are planning to do. They aren’t being coy, and they aren’t even pretending that the results of the election will bind them. We know the stakes.

Nobody has to wonder what they’d have done in 1933 Germany, because the answer for each of us is what we’re doing right now.


Unfortunately I think the only person who could call for observers is the occupant of the Oval Office.


I’m German. My parents raised me liberal, I was always anti-fascist and will always be, but my grandparents were Nazis. I can smell a Nazi from 100 meters (metric system, sorry) away. I’m reacting allergic to it, because I know it too well.
I do not understand how some people in this discussion still can think that Trump is a senile old guy who does not understand what he’s questioned about, that he does not understand what he’s even saying? Take off your pink glasses, please: he’s a pure-bred NAZI, he’s thoroughly FASCIST. Get rid of that guy before it’s too late.

What am I saying? I’m a pessimist: it’s too late already.

Good luck.


Let me rephrase my removed post:

Trump has made it clear he will not willingly leave the White House, regardless of the results of the election. He has declared himself “president for life”, and it’s up to the public and our institutions to decide how long that actually is.


Yeah, it’s basic negotiating strategy: never take something off the table without a more valuable concession from your opponent.

Which means he views the election as a negotiation that he wins by staying in power.

Which means he is unwilling to commit to a transfer of power.

What would he have to say for it to be concerning to you? He’s said that an election he loses is rigged. He’s said he won’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power. He’s said he expects massive fraud that makes the election a mess.

Huh. That’s a tough one.

ETA: Seriously, from a Trump perspective, what’s in it for him to admit he’s a loser and step aside?


So, some Russian observers then?


Replay the video, and imagine this: Trump took the question as assuming HE LOSES . . . he pushed back saying 1) “get rid of the mail-in ballots” that he claims are all fraudulent, 2) which means he wins the election, which means 3) there won’t be a transfer of power, there will be a continuation of power.

He’s certainly capable of going straight to strongman, but I think he didn’t actually mean it here.

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At a certain point we have accept what he is telling us and stop trying to convince ourselves that he didn’t really mean what he plainly said because a reasonable person would never intentionally announce their intention to tear down our democratic republic.

That point was some time ago. He doesn’t intend to recognize the results of the election.


I’ve said it repeatedly, but now it should be evident to all: we [in the US] no longer live in a democracy.


Sic semper tyrannis…


That’s a far more generous interpretation of Trump’s words than his history supports.

He’s had countless opportunities to affirm that he will recognize and honor the outcome of the election and he’s turned down that opportunity every time. He still hasn’t recognized the results of the election that put him in office as legitimate.

We have absolutely no reason to give him the benefit of the doubt here. His words and actions both past and present speak for themselves.


Since when has he said something he doesn’t actually mean? Isn’t he supposed to be so great because he “always speaks his mind”?


The great thing about backroom deals is that they are in no way legally binding, and if he whines about it not being honored afterwards he literally admits to threatening to overthrow the legitimate government. I’m pretty sure that falls under treason.


They’re busy talking to state organizations if case they have to override the popular vote and appoint electors.

If there is a red mirage, let’s hope it’s very short.


Cheeto’s biggest mistake may turn out to be infuriating the military hierarchy with his insults. I don’t see then turning a blind eye to the attempted destruction of Constitutional rule and violating their solemn oath.


Given that his mouth looks like a sphincter, it is perfectly understandable that he might not know where the food goes. Just saying.


And given what he considers as food…


Agreed. Yet backroom deals are politicians’ bread and butter. All that horse-trading that the public never hears about until much later, then… when they do… lie, lie, lie… because of “watcha gonna do 'bout it, huh?” attitudes backed by history of getting away with it; simply stepping down from office if caught, but flush with ill-gotten gains; or (worst) spending just a few months in “gentlemen’s prisons”…if not pardoned earlier.


I don’t think so. He SHOULD be worried, but I think he is surrounded by people that feed off his approval, so they probably make him feel untouchable. I think he believes only a “loser” loses. He looks around the world and sees people like Putin and Kim Jong Un as winners.