Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asked for $25K/hr Air Force jet for his European honeymoon

Saving grace is that the request was denied?

It amazes me though how elitists like this who have $500 million net worth can afford to pay for it themselves but will ask for a hand out. Then complain about some person making $25k a year getting a hand out of free or subsidized benefits.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

You just have to believe in some religion because of people like this so that there is some after life of hell for them to go to.


I’m not sure what’s more pathetic, if that’s true or not.

While all those posts are probably just Michael the Black Man, it could also be that Craig Cobb finally embraced his heritage:

The thing is, the terrible optics of this didn’t even occur to them. The .001% ers just take as an “of course” that they can use the company jet so they don’t have to take a shiver scheduled flight where they’d have to mingle with the 1%ers in first class and endure even a minimal level of security theater at the airport. And OF COURSE their employer is expected to pay for that, and many, many other perks. As much money as they get in pay, the perks that they expect add even more to how much their total effective compensation is.

Edited to add: Of course if it had been official travel the government WOULD have flown him and his staff in a government plane, possibly an entire 737. But the high and mighty don’t realize that in the government, there is still something of a bright line between personal and public business, in exactly the way that there isn’t in CEO-land. Even the president has to personally pay for unofficial travel on Air Force one, albeit only the cost of a normal first class ticket on a scheduled carrier, which isn’t even a rounding error on the cost of operating AF-one…


Green with envy?

Hey, if you can’t abuse the perks of working for the government, what is even the fucking point? :wink:



Yeah, this woman’s obnoxious post made me feel guilty for picking out some Tom Ford frames the last time I went in for new glasses.

Is it me being paranoid, or does this read like someone pretending to be black while perpetuating the racist “they’re coming for our wimminz!” stereotype?


The surprising thing to me is that stockholders are so much less concerned with these sorts of shenanigans than taxpayers are.

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Mr. Wiggin: This is a 12-story block combining classical neo-Georgian features with the efficiency of modern techniques. The tenants arrive here and are carried along the corridor on a conveyor belt in extreme comfort, past murals depicting Mediterranean scenes, towards the rotating knives. The last twenty feet of the corridor are heavily soundproofed. The blood pours down these chutes and the mangled flesh slurps into these…

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