Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asked for $25K/hr Air Force jet for his European honeymoon


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Color me:


Fuck that guy. If there were any justice he’d be serving a term with Shkrelli, in Shkrelli’s cell block, and the tough guys would force the two to fight each other for the right to use The Art of the Deal as toilet paper.

The only thing more infuriating with the corrupt antics of the insider assholes Trump brought into the administration is that his fucking idiot followers who somehow think the swamp is getting drained.


Treasury Secretary Douche Bag Mnuchin requested $25k/hour Air Force jet for European honeymoon



Anyone want to place odds on whether this was posted by an actual black man? I guess it’s not beyond the realm of possibility but it sure seems like there are a lot more “black” Trump supporters online than in real life.

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Sure; the odds are about equivalent with the possibility that I am a ‘real life vampire.’


*pats it, expectantly *


It’s OK. He earned it.



More like swamping the drains.


People seem only to see what they want when they look at Trump. It’s like his spray tan is a psychological green screen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump has a lot of black supporters. Maybe as many as a hundred.


I bet they all have been on camera at some point too.


For every repugnant ideology, there will always be self-hating people who support it, even to their own eventual detriment.

During slavery in the US, they were called overseers; in WWII’s concentration camps, kapos.

In 45’s admin, they are called Ben, Omarosa and Dave


On the internet, No one knows you are a Dog.

Be what you’re Paymaster wants you to be!


Adorable. Do you think the US govt paid for our honeymoon or personal travel? Because we asked them to and they said no.


“Being rich means I pay numerically more, but as a percentage much less tax than you do. So I’m therefore a much better person than you.”


So many crotch-height photo’s.


And what is it with the photos of dutiful wifey holding the bible?


What you have there is the starter model, for one-at-a-time operation. Just a small cost increment will let you upgrade to the three-hole efficiency model. Just saying.


The Trump Organisation will be happy to sell you a gold-ish plated one for a very reasonable price.