Try this recipe for honey hot salmon sticks

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“If you’re trying to adhere to a diet…”

Deep fried foods coated with breading and honey are tasty, but I would classify them as an occasional dessert, not something you should consider as a healthy main course. Getting a decent food thermometer to prevent overcooking was the thing that helped my salmon the most. Salmon goes well with citrus, smoke (liquid smoke or smoked paprika), Thai curry pastes, Indian curries, tikka seasoning, mustard, berbere, “Everything bagel” seasonings, and that’s a really incomplete list. I do make donuts on occasion, but not often as I value my life, but you can make better donuts without incorporating salmon and you can make excellent salmon without making it into a donut.


these sound delicious, but Tikety-Tok “recipe” videos are a special level of hell for me.


Yeah, after that build-up, I was not expecting a deep fried breaded thing…
I have a couple go to salmon recipes kind of along the lines of this

But generally baked in the oven, for less mess. There’s an orange glaze version, too, goes awesome with apricot/pistachio wild rice.
I concur - getting the temperature right so you don’t overcook is a game-changer.



Salmon is not hard to cook well. Roast it.

Nor is it bland.

Nor is it diet friendly when breaded, deep fried and covered in honey.


Those look delicious…


Well, you can technically eat whatever you want as long as you’re in a caloric deficit. Personally, when I’m trying to cut weight, I like to make meals that I would enjoy during a bulk period.

You don’t have to eat salad and turnips all day to lose weight, but for long term health, it’s probably a good idea. As long as you’re doing enough exercise- relative to your basal metabolic rate- and staying within a healthy caloric deficit, you could eat McDonald’s every meal and lose weight. It’s not a good decision, but it’s available.


I disagree. We are not just calorimeters, and weight is not the only parameter of health. The types of lipids, proteins, carbs and other constituents of food make a difference to overall health.


Oh, they for sure do. We are in agreement there.

I’m just saying that if you want to lose weight and still eat things you enjoy every now and then, you can. If you want to make deep fried okra for a week on a diet- specifically designed for weight loss- it’s fine. As long as you’re exercising and in caloric deficit.

Diets that are designed to bring down cholesterol or triglycerides are different than weight loss. It just depends on what intentions are when dieting. I was talking more about weight loss, as it’s usually the version of dieting people focus on.

I, for example, have GERD and have to avoid a ton of stuff for my diet that isn’t related to weight loss.


Ah, I see he’s back to writing horror. :wink:


Just be sure to prepare your meal properly, or you might end up with Salmon Ella. I mean, Sal Monella.

True, true. It reminds me of, when I was doing intermittent fasting (twice a week, one day is 500 calories only, otherwise, do whatever you want) to lose a pound a week, I got all into it and was telling some colleagues about the other health benefits, including longevity.
One of them said, “well, you might not live longer, but it’ll definitely feel longer.” :joy:


I would DEFINITELY lose weight if all there was to eat was okra :nauseated_face:


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