Trying out LIVIN Farms edible insects at HAX Shenzhen


Surprisingly tasty- just have to get past the appearence😜 I’d buy one. Video shot by Bunnie Huang.


I would try it… but really after college cafeteria food for a few years not much puts me off foodwise.


The large maggoty things look like huhu or witjuti grubs. Which are straight-up delicious.


I’m of two minds about this:

One) Harvesting insects as food can help provide protein for the Earth’s still increasing population and finding such alternate food sources is overall a good thing.

Two) The rich with their Kobe beef and Beluga caviar can say, “Let them eat bugs.”


I like ants, and termites. I’d expect crickets are good too. Bees can be very tasty, although it’s probably not a good idea to eat them, anymore than it’s a good idea to eat dairy cows.

I mean, people eat ocean bugs all the time. And those things have nasty texture and flavor in my book. I like things to have a little crunch.


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