TSA: "please verify that your used cane is not a sword before flying"


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so that metal spikey one she is holding would be ok if there was no blade inside???


I do some consulting work for an overseas airline, and on the days I go to the airport I see and hear some really weird stuff. One day about two years ago, one of their outbound passengers was detained because - yup - he was carrying a sword cane. I thought it was the freakiest/funniest thing I’d ever heard of; I had no idea it was A Thing That Happens A Lot.


A simple twist and inspection at home might save you time and inconvenience at the airport.

You know what would save me time and inconvenience at the airport? Minding your own fucking business, and stop protecting us against things that have never and could never be used to hijack an airplane. I mean, sword canes? Are you in a Roger Moore era James Bond movie?


The vampire hunter on that new series “The Strain” somehow hides a hand-and-a-half broadsword in his cane.

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No, it’s The Avengers.


This video is amazing. It plays like parody.

If you’ve recently purchased a used guitar, you may want to inspect the case at home. This will save you time and inconvenience at the airport.


If you must carry either a weapon or a cane skip the hassle:

I have one from when I used to run a nightclub and had to walk through shady places carrying money. Used to have a CCW but I got rid of all the guns having never been threatened with more than a knife the club/cane is plenty.


Once, when I was still using two forearem crutches and legbraces for ambulation, and needed to cross a security checkpoint, I was actually asked to hand over my crutches for the x-ray, since I “din’t really need them anyway, did I?”. After an exasperating conversation, explaining how no matter what, the alarms were going to go off because of all of my hardware, I was finally given the private wand test, which proved nothing, since I could have been hiding the whole batcave in my legbraces.


That is one damn cool airgun.

Anyone who does not know their cane is a sword, does not know their cane is a sword, so are no threat.


Some day my leg will go to shit to the point I’ll need a cane. And when that happens I’ll have to get one of from these guys.


Oh man, that dragon-headed cane was badass. I’ve been hitting up all the wrong yard sales.


To be fair, the TSA is trying to save elderly people the inconvenience of having their cane confiscated because it turned out to be a deadly weapon. In response to Kevin Underhill, the TSA does not know who is aware their cane is a sword and who is not. At least this PSA relates to actual deadly weapons and not my hair gel.


Agreed. Obviously these people pose no threat, but the swords they don’t know they have will probably be detected. And that’s when the shitshow starts. Better to twist and inspect before you go to the airport.


If you cannot twist the lid off of a conventional prescription medication bottle, what are the chances you’ll be able to adequately twist the over-tourqued/warped/rusted handle of your antique cane to discover if there actually is a sword inside?


Far be it from me to defend the TSA, but humans are capable of lying.


This reminds me of the time I was asked “Has anyone put anything into your luggage without your knowledge?”

“Not to my knowledge, no…”


Yes, it’s obvious the TSA has never read Sherlock Holmes and heard of the amazing art of Bartitsu.

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Hey, elderly gents with swords can be dangerous.

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