80-year-old lady surprised when TSA finds sword inside her walking cane


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No, that is not a sword in my cane; I am just happy to see you.


Did somebody say cane sword?


And once again, the TSA bravely protects us from dangerous items carried by non-dangerous persons.

What, someone’s going to try to hijack a plane with a sword, now? With the ever-decreasing space in a plane, you couldn’t even get a decent swing or thrust from most angles.



I’m off to the thrift store. I’ll be in the cane aisle.


“To the three of us.”


The description accords with Richard Francis Burton’s accounting in The Book of the Sword.


suuurrrre “surprised”. that’s one badass grandma.


Was that wrong? Because I don’t have any unsworded canes.


Always seemed like the target demographic for that product must be kind if limited. How many people both

  1. Require a cane to walk
  2. Need to be ready for close-range armed combat at all times


\3. Have any knowledge of, or skill at, swordsmanship. A cane sword is not an easy weapon to use effectively.


They’re typically bloody awful swords, too.


I doubt many sword canes are made today. As mentioned in the article you find old ones in thrift stores from a time when a cane was a reasonable accessory for a gentleman.


Sword canes seem like a marketing gimick for paranoid rich toffs.


I aways have thought of them as a vanity item. A way to make “I’m old and have to use a cane” into “I’m old and I have a sword hidden in my cane.”


Wow. Have to remember: Use the blade for thrusting, the scabbard for parrying. And, also, that they’re illegal in less enlightened nations.


Right? That lady’s got important work to do!


Aw man - I would have gladly traded her my mundane one for hers.

I wonder if it was a cheapy Cold Steel or something nice, like a vintage one or that guy who makes them in South Africa.


She obviously doesn’t read BoingBoing