TSA racially profiles Muslim woman, makes her show her bloody sanitary towel


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Racist, authoritarians who couldn’t get jobs as mall cops.


True. Buddy of mine worked for them in grad school. 40 percent yearly turnover because they cannot pass the competency exams they had to pass to get hired.


When they hide their badges they know they’re doing something illegal. These people are unworthy of respect or cooperation. They should be shamed just like the ICE thugs.


TSA in BOS is doing the same thing to white women also: pic.twitter.com/IuPviJr6ly


No matter how loudly they insist that you have no rights at the TSA checkpoint, remember that your “rights” are in fact restrictions on what the government is allowed to do and not something that can be denied or taken away from you because they aren’t granted to you, they are in fact rules by which the government must operate in every place, in every situation, and with every person it encounters.


The TSA and ICE both seem to be in competition to win the medal for “most corrupt and evil agency in the US government today.”


In many situations like this, it’s hard to tell how much is individual TSA agents acting as petty authoritarian, bigoted dickbags, and how much is centralized dickbaggery. In this case, given the consistency of the treatment, it seems like some yahoo, for whatever reason, flagged her in the system as a troublemaker, and that flag is seen as a license by TSA agents for supreme dickery.
The fact that Americans just accept that this is going on is staggering. If the TSA started targeting white supremacists and fundamentalist Christians we’d see how long it lasts…


I’m sure the guys with the masking tape over their badges will be impressed, and back right off.



Well, the only reason they don’t is because they shoot up black churches instead of airplanes.


Well, more accurately, they (rarely) shoot/blow up airports, rather than airplanes.


asserting your rights isn’t about forcing a specific reaction from those attempting to abuse them but rather it is a place to begin your defense of those rights. Much like how a copyright holder must defend a copyright, a citizen should b prepared to defend their own rights.


I wholeheartedly agree. But don’t count on triumph.


I’m acquainted with a woman who WAS a TSA agent until she announced that her ex-husband was a muslim, and was promptly fired. Nice people.

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