TSA supervisor calls police on teen for videoing his father's pat-down


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So, once again we have employees of government agency who go through training, have very important rules pointed out to them during training. Then, very important rules are immediately forgotten by said trained employees. Who then sic other trained government employees on citizens who are following the rules. Surprised that the cops just didn’t come in beating the crap out of him while screaming “stop resisting”.


With great power comes great responsibility… responsibility to go on a power trip.


How dare you disrespect my McDonald’s Happy Meal badge.


I was hoping to hear the young man ask the guard to stop disrespecting him. Who is the servant here?


TSA needs great sympathy… for lack of terrorists the only fun anymore is to harass the flying public / America’s citizenry. Anyone who demands respect is potential terrorist!


Stay classy, TSA!


Just because you’re in authority doesn’t mean you’re worthy of respect or obedience.


What a pitiful little excuse of a man trying to shine his bullshit badge on a 16 year old boy who is obviously smarter than the tsa eunuch.


So what’s the TSA guy’s name?


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