TuneUp music library clean-up app releaunches


MediaMonkey does most of this, and is a much better player than iTunes IMHO.

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My problem with TuneUp is the licensing.

You get a single user license that is transferable only five times. Got a laptop and desktop-computer? Bad Luck or spend another 50$. New laptop? One activation gone … unacceptable.


This is great news. I loved when TuneUp first appeared and fixed everything in my iTunes library and then continued to fix it after iTunes was determined to mess it up over and over. Then it got buggy and then it just plain got terrible with the upgrade. Then they sort of fixed it, kinda. Glad to hear it may be returning to the actual functionality that made it useful.

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I bought TuneUp after seeing the original write-up here. I used it once, I think, and wasn’t really too pleased with the performance. I then switched to MediaMonkey (which I was able to get the Gold version of for “free” by registering a domain name, which I was going to do any way), and I far prefer using MediaMonkey because it means I don’t have to use iTunes, which is a complete pile of garbage any way.


It’s a bit more manual, but I’ve always had good luck with MusicBrainz Picard. It would be a hassle to run on an entire library at once, though.

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Apparently TuneUp doesn’t do the reading/writing thing (so 2000), so I can’t figure out whether it would be any good for me.

I got to paint letters on a couple of busses for them, a few years back. I hope Gabe was able to keep those!


I had this software and it never worked for me. It worked fine for popular music but a lot of my music just didn’t seem to be fixable. I’d like to try out this Media Monkey though.

MediaMonkey relies on Amazon for tagging stuff - if your music is obscure/not available on Amazon, it might not be the most useful for you.

This is true. The price also confirms this.

Yeah, I too bought a TuneUp license after reading the reviews of it here. After running it for days and repeated crashed trying to clean up an 80 GB music collection (that’s not so big nowadays, is it?) I abandoned it.

I still have a heap of weirded out falsely written metadata to thank for it – though to be fair, it did manage to tag lots of my music.

Overall though, I wasn’t pleased and I ouldn’t buy it again. I am going to go check out this MediaMonkey everyone is talking about though…

If you have a large music collection and run Linux, then you really want Select-o-Magic 3000.

If you don’t run Linux and want it to run on your O/S of choice, contact me and I’ll help you any way I can.


Please don’t blame me for BB’s screwy url formatting.

I’ve used TuneUp for several years and was generally pleased with it. It even cleaned up most of my obscure stuff with little hassle (Nurse With Wound Discography, crap-load of Residents live albums, etc.), about 30k song tracks. But the last “upgrade” was awful. The interface was confusing and wanted to do things to my tracks I didn’t wish it to do. A lot of album art disappeared, and my tracks tagged for collections (especially Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour was stripped of its tags and tagged with the original artists so that a lot of 50’s music was filed off into 1-track “albums” in my iTunes.

I finally turned the program off. I may give it another chance now.

Jeeze you guys! Dave inadvertently makes public a private congratulations to his friend and you jump all over it because you don’t like the software. I too felt a shudder of fear and trepidation when I got the email informing that Tune-Up was back but I don’t feel the need to comment on it.


There are also MusicBrainz plug-ins for tagging stuff – I think that there is one available in the plug-in listings and there is a newer (better) one that can be found by searching the Media Monkey forums.

Hah, I rarely use the software and hadn’t in ages until I updated it a month or so ago and was turned off by the 3.0 version. It’s good to hear they at least went backwards.

my wife has this software…it’s called “me sitting behind the computer fixing her id3 tags for hours”.

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