Turkey: Military junta takes over CNN Turk TV news studios

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Sky News claiming they are being forced off the air in Turkey, martial Law in effect.

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“Dear Lisa, as write this, I am very sad. Our president has been overthrown…and replaced by the benevolent General Krug! All hail Krug, and his glorious new regime! Sincerely, little girl.”


Seriously… world… what the actual fuck is up with you lately? You’ve been so moody and quick to anger! Sort yourself out and call me when you’ve made peace with yourself. I’m outta here…


Well, at least this hasn’t happened in the USA.


Please Dog let no innocents be harmed, for at least one day.


Maybe they had to do it now before Edrogan eroded the military further.

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Apparently, it’s all yesterday’s news already. If the military isn’t able to hold themselves in Istanbul, they certainly won’t be able to do so in the country. This is a huge victory for Erdogan - how many autocratic presidents can claim a peaceful (?) uprising defended their rule against a military coup? I wouldn’t have expected that kind of public support, but there you go. On the one hand, I’m glad that democracy is upheld and this isn’t the 1970ies all over again. On the other hand, I fear that Erdogan will feel entitled now to become even more insufferable and egregious.


From what I gather from various social media sites as well as Wikipedia (so that this with a grain of salt), the military in Turkey tends to attempt coups when they feel that the civilian government is getting to religious and anti-democratic, and prefer to push the government post-coup in a more secular and democratic direction.

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Yes, surely the US has never experienced the local militia overthrowing its government…

Post, as always, at least mostly in jest.

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Secular, probably. democratic, no, the Turkish military doesn’t really have a good record on that.

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Yes, CNN said exactly that.

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I should clarify. I meant so far this year.

Useless without a virtual Wolf Blitzer.

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So prime minister Yıldırım is now openly blaming Gülen for the coup attempt, and announced “he will get the punishment he deserves”. “Any country that protects Fethullah Gülen will be an enemy to Turkey.” (He lives in Pennsylvania)" This well get ugly and weird really fast.

Edit: source, only in German, sorry: http://tinyurl.com/h2fkw6n

Edit 2: So now Erdogan himself is saying that the coup attempt was “a gift of god”, since he can now cleanse the military and judiciary of illoyal elements. Almost 2000 judges have already been sacked. Hooo boy.


It’s purge time.

8:54 a.m.

Turkey’s government appears to be purging the judiciary following the coup.

Turkish broadcasters report the country’s High Council of Judges and Prosecutors removed 2,745 judges from office on Saturday. Five members of the council itself were also removed, according to the state-run Anadolu news agency. It’s not clear whether those members’ removal preceded or followed the wider purge.

Saturday’s purge comes after the Turkish parliament passed a sweeping judicial reform bill on July 1 that removed “troublesome” judges and gave Erdogan and the Justice Ministry greater influence over their replacements.


BTW: The NATO base in Incirlik, used mostly by the US and Germany for their fight against the IS, has been blockaded by Turkish troops, also it’s power supply has been cut for “safety reasons”.

Kerry, meanwhile, offers a trial about Gülen.

2016 will be one hell of a shityear.


Watching an attempted revolution in real time: what a world. If you’d had a relatively early night you’d have missed the entire thing; kinda symptomatic of our quick-fix, one-hour photo, instant oatmeal society. Don’t worry though you early nighters, you’ll be awake for the destabilization of the middle-east because of this: yay!


…that we know of

I want a source for this. I have not seen a reputable source confirm this quote yet. I strongly suspect it’s conspiracy mongering. I may have missed the confirmation but when I looked this morning it was all hearsay.

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