On eve of Erdogan-Trump White House visit, Turkey orders arrests of 85 energy and education staff in post-coup probe


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/16/turkey-orders-arrests.html


Wow. Sounds like Erdogan is trying really hard to one-up tRump.


Trump would likely call these “good ideas”.


“I’ve had these ideas all along. HILLARY WAS GOING TO DO IT TO YOU. OBAMA WAS! BUT I STOPPED IT. Now, I’m doing it to you. So it’s okay now.”

Who am I kidding. As if tRump speaks that coherently.


Add this to the other source of friction: German authorities have granted asylum to high ranking Turkish military officers, diplomats and their families.


Make Turkey Great Again.



Joking aaide, Erdogan does indeed want to make Turkey great again.



TrTurkin, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.


I think I spotted a few fingers in that mix.


But for the grace of dog.
It’s a good thing for us that ours can’t find his ass with both hands.

Two measures are critical to reversing the democratic regression in Turkey America.

Fixed that Washington Post quote.


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