Wikileaks dumps years' worth of email from Turkey's ruling party

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I’m laughing my balls off over here!


So far Turks on Twitter seem disappointed because apparently it is mostly generic mailing list crap.

But perhaps there is still something interesting to be found.


Wikileaks is clearly another Gulenist plot!


Dunno what they expected, but it sounds just like several years of my work emails emails - a shitton of dross, hiding a very few nuggets of something vaguely useful.


Conveniently cackhanded coup? I don’t even understand it when it’s not cackhanded. What does that even mean?

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One account I follow had not yet found a single person-to-person mail when he complained. I am sure their newsletters are intriguing, but it remains to be seen if they are in any way newsworthy.

So is this like that thing in the “Da Vinci Code” where the bad-guy priest saves everyone by taking the bomb up in a helicopter, and then miraculously (well, he did have a parachute) survives, and he’s a hero, and their going to make him Pope, but then it turns out that set the whole thing up/

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The really interesting part about the false flag coup to enable dictatorial control for Erdogan. The Russian government is backing it because it makes Turkey very toxic for NATO. So the US government is now trapped, keep Turkey in NATO to serve Russia’s interests, or kick Turkey out of NATO which also serves Russia’s interests or get rid of Erdogan (should they attempt to do so and fail, it would also serve Russia’s interests).
Lay down with dirty dogs and you get fleas, when the US government choose to lay down with Erdogan’s Turkey, they got infested.


Is there an established procedure to expel a country from NATO? Would they bother, given that the likely outcome of Erdogan invoking the mutual defence part of the treaty in dodgy circumstances would just be the rest of NATO saying “nah, not gonna”?


This is a great purge. The plans for this can not have been drawn overnight. They must have been ready before the coup attempt. Erdogan has now clearly and without a doubt revealed that he is a fascist, and now he’s had his Reichstag fire.


… just in case I didn’t make that clear, a military coup would have been possibly worse. They have a history of murdering people. And Erdogan has a public majority behind him, so when he claims that all is democratic, he is technically correct. Still, he’s an authoritarian * of *.

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The Turkish government has announced they will suspend the European Convention on Human Rights, which among other things, prohibits capital punishment. Vice President Kurtulmus referred to the current state of emergency, and to the situation in France, where a state of emergency has been in place since the November 2015 terror attacks. Opposition parties protested the state of emergency, referring to it as a “coup”. ARD German public broadcasting

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