Turn an old Android phone into a web server

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I just use ksweb has everything prebuilt in

I’d like a federated node to go, please!

Right now, I’d probably go with Python and FastAPI to make the phone sensors available locally.

I never have any luck running pkg upgrade on Termux. All the repositories fail.

Any special trick to get it to work?

The copy on Google Play is out of date and one of the mirror domains lapsed.


Select the packages. On the next screen, select a different mirror. I used albatross.

pkg update && pkg upgrade

Overwrite any config files. :person_shrugging:

Seems okay… Nope, motd is nagging me that my copy is still out of date, and that I should side-load from F-Droid or GitHub.

I have some old Android/Kodi boxes running a few things at the house. At about $35 each, cheaper and more available than a Pi and do a similar good job. Ideally I would love to get a Debian or similar Linux environment going because certain configurations (like a specific HDMI output) is more miss than hit under Android.

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I absolutely hate to see capable hardware going to waste; but I can’t deny that the prospect of a phone with 2017-era Qualcomm blobs for Linux 3.18.71 touching the internet makes me pretty queasy.

It’s a real shame what abject garbage the world of ARM SoC support is.


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