Turning a recalled children's unicorn boot into a display for endless product recall notices

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Is it UL certified?


I was curious.
The unicorn horn on the rain boot can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children


Turning a recalled endless display…


Sigh. We bought those boots for our daughter.
I don’t think she’d try to eat the horn-- but maybe we should return them just in case. It’s a little ridiculous I learned about the recall here and not from the target we visit at least 3 times a month.


I’m guessing it’s pretty easy to knock the horn off?

I’m not sure- I haven’t tried to take it off :slight_smile: I might just before we return them.

There’s been no reports of injury, only that the horn can come off.

This is true. But she hangs out with super-little kids sometimes. The age where everything goes in their mouth. I’d rather return the boots and get her a different pair then run the even very small risk one of those little kids could gnaw the horn off and end up choking.
Looking at her boots- there are teeth marks on the back, the mane, already. It’s a slightly squishy material that I suspect is very nice to bite. The horn is made of the same stuff.

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