Turns out Bob Dylan didn't actually hand-sign the $600 "hand-signed" copies of his new book

Now I’m suspecting he also did not write those cue cards himself…


What if I told you that “Bob Dylan” isn’t even this guy’s real name?


Then I would assume, as I always do when someone’s identity is in doubt, that he’s really D.B. Cooper. Or Sasquatch. Or D.B. Coopsquatch.


“To my fans and followers, I’ve been made aware that there’s some controversy about signatures on some of my recent artwork prints and on a limited edition of ‘Philosophy Of Modern Song.’ I’ve hand-signed each and every art print over the years, and there’s never been a problem,” the statement begins.
“However, in 2019 I had a bad case of vertigo and it continued into the pandemic years. It takes a crew of five working in close quarters with me to help enable these signing sessions, and we could not find a safe and workable way to complete what I needed to do while the virus was raging. So, during the pandemic, it was impossible to sign anything and the vertigo didn’t help. With contractual deadlines looming, the idea of using an auto-pen was suggested to me, along with the assurance that this kind of thing is done ‘all the time’ in the art and literary worlds.
”Dylan’s statement concludes, “Using a machine was an error in judgment and I want to rectify it immediately. I’m working with Simon & Schuster and my gallery partners to do just that. With my deepest regrets, Bob Dylan.”

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Except using an auto-pen IS done all the time in the publishing world. Unless something’s signed directly in front of you, assume it’s either an auto pen or an author signing thousands of blank pieces of paper that get bound in. Usually the latter, but definitely the former often, explicitly for cases like this one.

In this case, the problem was that the book was promoted with a steep markup, as hand-signed… this was not people making assumptions about how the book was signed, this was the publisher LYING about how the book was signed…


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