Turtle that breathes through its genitals is now endangered


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This punk turtle that breathes through its genitals is going extinct

The turtle takes a long time to reach sexual maturity, taking up to 25 to 30 years

I know the feeling!


Turtle that breathes through its genitals is now endangered

Of course. Phlegm + semen = nada!!!


Yeah, that 25 years to sexual maturity is going to be the downfall of any species ultimately.

Though typically how long a creature lives is in line with when they reach sexual maturity. In other words, the longer to reach sexual maturity, the longer the life expectancy is. So I wonder how long they live.

Also, it would be so fucking wield having algae grow on you.

Also, there is one person who can also breath with their butt… well sorta.

ETA - oh - my kid snagged a turtle fishing with grandpa the other month. We got it lose and sent it on it’s way. Think it was a red eared slider.


It is my understanding that nearly all aquatic turtles have the ability to “breathe”, that is, to take in oxygen from the water via the cloaca. That is necessary because in temperate climates they must lie submerged in the bottom litter or mud of a stream or lake through the cold months of the year, at least from ice in to ice out conditions. This turtle may be unusual if it can sustain itself in this way in warm weather as well as cold, as most turtles can not at the higher metabolic rate that warm weather brings.


it’s apparently common enough to be noted as an oddity:

This punk turtle that breathes through its genitals is going extinct

Sneezing must be awesome.


back in the day, you could make a good living like that


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In an explosive diarrhea kind of way?


I saw how unusual that ability is, and exclaimed, “Christ, what an asshole!”





There was another one:

Le Petomane - the ‘Fartiste’




Roland also has his own CAH card.


His body language says, “wait for it…”


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/16/this-punk-turtle-that-breathes.html


breathes through genitals AND a genius? what are humans even doing?


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