TV executive producer Eric Weinberg charged with sexually assaulting five women

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He was apparently a producer for Scrubs. So was the rapey character The Todd based on him? :thinking:

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May his suffering be long and without delay.



My latest driver license photo turned out significantly crappy—way crappier than the one seen above.

I use this photo as a daily reminder to stay out of any trouble. IF, in an impossible turn of current events, I was somehow kidnapped, or was wanted for bank robbery, etc.—THIS WILL BE the only photo that law enforcement and the media use for print and broadcast.

Regardless of the photo’s inherent artistic and technical flaws, its lifelessly incoherent composition, its implication that my face has an additional 15 extra pounds AND the photo’s clear lack of any flauntibility value— WILL ALL BE WEAPONIZED TO TURN MY VANITY AGAINST ME.

This fear of being depicted badly could work well for you, too.


All of my official ID photos are bad, but they are all differently bad, and none of them look like the same person.

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Mine look like my dad, a reminder that I’m at the age when I thought he was old.

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Sometimes I wonder if some guys become producers not because they want to make movies, but because they see the media industry as a way to (to put it crudely) meet chicks? I mean, even before Harvey Weinstein was finally held accountable, the casting couch had been a trope for so long I suspect it was what many who entered accounting in the music and film industry aspired to? How many young execs got into the business because they thought it meant making chicks pay attention to them?

In dubio pro reo, I know, but no matter how this turns out people got hurt.

Note that I use the word “chick” to describe what predatory producers were looking for, not to say I consider anyone a chick.

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