TV reporter apologizes for rummaging through MH17 victims' luggage at crash site


This seems like an “I apologize for the regrettable but understandable mistake I made while doing something I should have known well ahead of time was a terrible idea” incident.

Yeah, sure, maybe we give you the benefit of the doubt concerning your emotional state and whatnot at the crash site; but exactly what are you doing wandering around inside a crash site and helping degrade its forensic value? Yes, in glorious Donetsk People’s Republic, they don’t appear to be up to the challenge of doing things to ICAO SARP standards; but surely you can still figure out how to not step on things without a police force to help you?


He did a stupid thing and apologised.

I see bigger things to be outraged/offended by, right there in the frame with him.


Presumably he has an executive producer in his ear, putting him there in the first place… he admits it’s ghoulish, and seems to be just trying to fill the seconds.

Reminds me of Drop the Dead Donkey

The whole crash incident has been one investigation/management bungle after another to be honest.

Why is the site not secured well enough that a journalist can’t just wander around the crash scene in the first place? If he received permission to be there, then why wasn’t he told “Don’t touch anything!” It beggars belief.

Add in the reported looting and this whole fiasco must be a living hell for the relatives of the victims.

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