TV reporter confronts his alleged identity thief

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I think I’m kind of impressed by the reporter’s composure here- I’m not sure I’d have been so… accommodating.

Well, maybe. He’s not likely out any money, and there’s no confusion about the woman being in the wrong…


I think its funny that she ripped him off, she’s being walked out in handcuffs, she refuses to answer his questions, and he ends it with…

“You have yourself a good day.”

First…she clearly ISN’T having a good day hence the handcuffs. Also…how about saying, “well, seems you got what you deserved you lying thieving sack of excrement!”

She keeps responding, keeps saying little incriminating things on camera, in front of the police. Not too bright, that one.


Why assume this is identity theft? You’re all so cynical. Maybe he just happens to have a common credit card number - did you think of that?


This makes me sad.

Because the people who sold her this fraudulent credit card. Probably won’t have a perp walk or ever have their perp walk filmed.

The team of computer security experts who should be tracking this down have bigger targets, but even if they do track it down, the group is probably in another country. If they are caught a team of lawyers are protecting their criminal acts.

This woman’s life might be ruined, but she means nothing to them, just another sucker.

The other question is, 'What method was used to get the reporter’s credit card? What breach, what hack, what human selling numbers to others did this involve? Who else was part of that? Are they next?


Everything you say is true, but she also didn’t have to buy the credit card number from anyone. I get by just fine without stealing from other people. Maybe I don’t live in the lap of luxury, but at least I live an honest life. I don’t feel too bad for her.


If this reporter is worth his salt (and has the budget approval), these are the questions he’ll be looking into. Don’t hold your breath.


True, but they won’t provide good visuals.

Not to be a pedant, but this sounds like run-of-the-mill credit card fraud, not identity theft (or at least not necessarily identity theft).


Hmmm…I’m not an expert on human (from Earth) facial expression and body language - but I have the feeling this lady has been arrested before. Possibly multiple times even.

I’m human but was raised in an alien embassy which, while still on Earth, is technically alien soil.

It’s underground and in Veneta, Oregon. I repair satellites for a living. The kind most people can’t see. I use a lot of Radio Shack green batteries for my work. As a sort of charity I pay bicycle hobos to get them for me. I can write this stuff here because I’m a nut case & no one takes us seriously, including other nut cases. Anyway, she looks like one tough cookie. My grandmother , Tomima - born in 1914 - would have called her a broad.


Surely credit card fraud is a form of identity theft?

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You’re from Oregon? You don’t say.

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Why are you sad for a woman who knowingly bought a fraudulent credit card?? Eff her.

I understand that there is a larger criminal entity at play here, too, but that doesn’t excuse the woman in the least.


I suppose, if you squint enough. It seems more like regular old theft to me. If we’re to believe what she says, at least, she wasn’t pretending to be him; she was just trying to spend his money.

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Maybe I should have been more clear.

We don’t know the details of what this woman allegedly did.

She might very well be the mastermind of this entire credit card fraud operation, got sloppy and got caught.

Or this was a one time deal.

But I think I was reacting to my anticipation of the future of this case.

My sense of two (or Three!)
Tier justice for these crimes.

It is very easy to “look down on” someone caught in a crime like this because it is personal and you can relate. Clearly the reporter had a platform and used it, bully for him. This is personal and he acted.

Of course you would never do something illegal like this woman. You might have been a victim of idenity thief. The whole case might be clear cut and the justice will be served. Yea!

But it is harder to get justice that requires the police to “look up” at the group of people or systems that makes these fraudulent Credit Cards available. They will have multiple ways to make their illegal act go away if they are caught.

On a bigger scale they buy their way out of justice like HBSC or Chase.

Maybe she will be subject to the “she’s no saint” Story. Or maybe she will roll on the people who sold her the cards.
We don’t know. But based on the number of Financial crimes that get prosecuted, I do think this will go very far beyond her. And that makes me sad.


Nah, man. It’s way more satisfying (to you, and humiliating to your enemy) to show them that you’re chill and cheery while they’re doing the perp walk. It demonstrates very clearly who’s the winner and who’s the loser. Blowing your top means they have power over you.


I like veneta, but if you are underground how do you prevent the inevitable flooding there?

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Trying to figure this out…they used fancy equipment to counterfeit a duplicate card with her real name on it but failed to encode the mag stripe with a simple $20 reader/writer? Does not sound very sophisticated to me…rather amateur actually.

EMV can’t get here fast enough.