TV science fiction worth watching


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Under the Dome does not belong on the list. It has some nonsense story lines, can’t stay consistent with its own universe’s rules and marginal acting from a number of the characters.


Yeah, I was surprised to see Under The Dome on there as well. Everything I’ve heard about that show (from people that I generally trust on these things) has been bad.

My guilty pleasure sci fi show of late was Fringe… It had some points where it struggled, but for the most part it was super entertaining.


Black Mirror is not on this list, therefore it is an incomplete list.


does Misfits count? Cuz that’s pretty damn awesome.


It’s probably as bad as the overly long book

I loved Fringe. Even though I thought the overall story itself was not so great, I thought the characters were very good, well done dialog and the acting top notch.

Thanks for the tip, it gets high praise and I had never heard of it.

I felt like Fringe was a bit all over the place, due to the fact that they were never really sure if they were going to be renewed or not. But overall, week to week, I really enjoyed it. It is an absolute shame that John Noble never won an Emmy for his role as Walter.

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What about Continuum? I’ve heard SyFy treats it poorly with a bad timeslot and taking their time in bothering to air new episodes, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I love complicated time travel plots and seeing the bad guys fight for good and the good guys fight for bad.


What a really strange, random list, especially for shows supposedly on “right now.” Two of the shows haven’t even aired yet, and one of those hasn’t even been made yet (but apparently they’re the “best” based entirely on descriptions of the premises). Warehouse 13 was already canceled, and was more of a fantasy show (and if we want to expand the list to include shows that are canceled and/or fantasy, the list could really expand). Orphan Black is pretty good. Under the Dome is, well… I was just debating with myself whether I even wanted to bother watching the second, upcoming season.
Their selection is especially weird given that I was just talking with friends about how much good genre programming there is on the air these days. Person of Interest didn’t get mentioned, for example, and that’s a really well-written and tightly scripted sci-fi show. Syfy manages a few programs at least as decent as Under the Dome or Warehouse 13. (Not that that’s necessarily saying a whole lot.) Not to mention all the non-US programming: Black Mirror, Utopia, Äkta människor (aka Real Humans), etc.


Based on the description of Warehouse 13, I strongly suspect the author wrote this article based on skimming wiki pages.


It’s some of my favourite sci-fi full stop. Very well observed stuff.

Yeah, I don’t know why I kept watching it. I will give season 2 premiere a shot and then decide!

Incomplete without mention of “Les Revenants/The Returned” which has Season 2 in production right now. SO GOOD.

It’s like JG Ballard with an extra dose of black humour.

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